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An in-depth look at Bungie's online shooter beyond the core game and looking at post game content after 30 hours of play time.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles1549d ago

Well reviews are starting to come out already, and it seems the game is pretty mediocre.

Man, the PS4 still can't get an real AAA game on it, and it's almost a year in, first Watch Dogs is a bust and now this, this gen is starting to bum me a bit, will it ever really get going?

Lightning Mr Bubbles1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

Look at this gen!

Nothing but a bunch of downloadable mini games and last gen ports, and unprecedented amount of delays.

Consoles came out a year earlier than they should of this gen, probably cause of competition, neither company wanted to let the other come out first.

Clearly gen was not ready to start.

MaxwellBuddha1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

These consoles should have launched in 2011 (when they would've been somewhat impressive tech-wise), then Bungie would've had over two years to code the game specifically for next-gen hardware.

By now we would've waded through all the lazy, greedy cross-gen garbage and would be playing actual true next-gen games.

joab7771549d ago

The game isn't mediocre, by any stretch. This review is very well done.

But the beauty is that it will change dramatically over time as the community tell bungie what it wants.

Where it suffers is that Bungie was so coy about it being an mmo that many expected another Halo. Yes, 30 minutes of cut scenes would have fixed that problem. The other issue is that in trying not to be an mmo, it launched w/out many, many features that mmo's today require.

But I am certain that we will get the patches we want, more customization, proximity chat or a chat box. And who knows, maybe they will patch in some epic cut scenes for those that want sp only.

But the core is very strong, especially for the 1st real high quality mmofpsrpg. If they continue to support and we do, in a yr, this game will be epic.

deafdani1549d ago

The PS4 version currently sits at 74 at Metacritic.

I personally don't agree entirely with scored reviews, but if we get down to it, 74 isn't mediocre. 50 is mediocre, which means exactly in the middle. If you're going to pay attention to numbered reviews, at least do it using the full review scale, otherwise it's pointless.

Game critics should do the same, of course.

gamer78041549d ago

With the way games are actually scored though its more like a schools grading system

90 great

80 good

70 average

60 poor

ShowGun9011549d ago

thats why the number system needs to go... everybody thinks they mean something different! theres no concensus on what a 75 actually is... thats why you need to look at the content of the review to see if what they say is bad or good applies to you... for example, i have a short attention span, TLoU, God of War, or DmC are plenty long for me, but some people need a 200hr game to feel satisfied! the REASONS are alot more important than the SCORE... personally im having a blast with destiny, havent had this much fun in an fps in a while!

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CloudRap1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

The problem is people aren't judging it for what it is as a game and instead are doing the reviews with bias towards the unreal hype it had.

MaxwellBuddha1549d ago

Nope, pretty sure the game is crap. The Crucible is the most unbalanced garbage I've ever played anywhere (even before it was hacked).

Seriously, screw waterboarding; the government should make detainees at Guantanamo play The Crucible as punishment.

ShowGun9011549d ago

crucible isn't unbalanced, maybe you should practice? gotten a 2.0 k/d with EVERY primary except the freaking pistol, its just not for me i guess. also, only the 360 version got hacked, and everything else is hacked on that system anyway... (also, you do know that stat advantages don't carry over into the crucible, except for modes where they SPECIFICALLY tell you they do, right? im sure you wouldn't be bashing a game without all the facts...)

if you wanna spend your time hating a game you apparently aren't playing, thats up to you. as soon as im off work, im logging into destiny and destroying some fools! im sad you don't have anything to play right now, but destinys not crap.

vikingland11549d ago

This was a well done review. Pretty much tells everything about the game. I like this game and I agree with this review.

kratoz12091549d ago

Its okay, I was honestly expecting more cinematic and story driven content

TRD4L1fe1549d ago

I love this game. I can't get enough of it. Looking forward to Tuesday to jump into the vault of glass. Awesome job Bungie

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