My Great Journey From Reach to Destiny

One gamer’s thoughts on a Bungie classic and their newest title.

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RAFFwaff1498d ago

I fricking LOVE Reach, and is Bungie's masterpiece in my view. I havent played Destiny yet, as im getting an Xbox One next year. But i do share your love of Reach and its lore/story.

Neonridr1498d ago

Reach was my favorite Halo game hands down. Loved the story.

Playing Destiny now, it's pretty good. Am enjoying it, but not sure if it will keep my interest long term. We shall see what sorts of things there are to do once I beat the campaign.

Mutant-Spud1498d ago

I haven't played Reach for a while but I'd agree it's my favourite Halo. As for Destiny it's the only new gen game I'm interested in but before I shell out for a PS4 I want to see where they go with it in terms of new content and what the timeline is going to be between games, if it's going to be a yearly thing or have major expansions like an MMO.

Fullbucket1498d ago

I imagine it'll do what DC Universe is doing in which they put out paid expansions. Everyone can still play together, but you simply can't go to the new areas, or get the newest gear without buying said expansion.

ShowGun9011498d ago

i dont see why people are expressing distaste for destinys dlc, when they're perfectly happy buying season passes for BF, COD, freaking assassins creed even! and for BF and COD, those are just map packs. bungie said their dlc will be for the co-op AND mp side.

it looks like there will be a few expansions a year, with new (lighter) content added weekly... sounds good to me! personally ive been having a blast with destiny, along with everybody i know who bought it. i'll cya in the crucible if you pick it up later!

Killzoner991498d ago

Those Halo/Bungie days are LONG gone and they ain't never coming back. That era is over my friends.

Septic1498d ago

Says the guy with the Killzone avatar lol.

Halo is in a class of its own mate. There is a pile of corpses for the various pretenders to the throne that tried to usurp the throne (one of those games I'm sure you are aware of :D ).

Mind you, it isn't the force it once was (and that's inevitable really) but it's not over yet for Halo. Oh no.

GodGinrai1497d ago

"Halo is in a class of its own mate. There is a pile of corpses for the various pretenders to the throne that tried to usurp the throne (one of those games I'm sure you are aware of :D ). "

With killzone being one of those corpses...

poppinslops1498d ago

In a few days Reach will be available through Games with Gold on 360...

I played the demo when I couldn't get into Destiny Beta and was suprised at how silky-smooth the gunplay felt (never really played a Halo before, but I enjoyed the Anime). Also, it had actual, proper space combat! THAT was a suprise, especially after hearing that Destiny did not.

So yeah, I'm looking foward to playing it. I like the whole 'team' dynamic, and it'll serve as a good taster for that Master-Chief Collection everyone is frothing over...

GodGinrai1497d ago


You are in for a treat.Halo reach was definitely a great farewell to hal. Inbox me if you need a wingman, Ill send you my gamertag..only a select few on N4G ever get that privalege! lol. I still have my X360 and all my games, even though I have moved on to XB1.And destiny has certainly left me frothing for some halo action.

And once you have played a few rounds of MP with me and some of my boys. You wont accept less from a shooter ever again ;). It also improves your skill at other FPS, in a crazy way.

A7XEric1498d ago

Reach beats the piss out of Destiny, no contest.

Don't get me wrong, I'm really enjoying Destiny, but all of it's features are so underdeveloped in comparison with Reach, or even Halo 3 for that matter.

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