Polygon Destiny Review - No Fate

Polygon: "As just another game, Destiny is a confusing combination of often at-odds elements — it presents itself as ambitious, almost boastful, while seeming strangely safe and reserved. It wants to eat its cake as a shooter, and have the longevity of an MMO — but it lacks the combat sophistication of the former, and the deep well of content native to the latter."

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Big_Game_Hunters1587d ago

Excellent review, i think its funny Bungie said they wanted to give the game a 10 yr lifespan yet people are getting bored of it in a couple days.

SteamPowered1587d ago

They have 10 years of Dlc to offer. Better prep your wallets.

Deividas1587d ago

You still have to have some interest in the game if your buying think people can keep their interest in this game for 10 years?....

SteamPowered1587d ago

@Deivvidas - nope. I love love LOVE being a gamer, but unfortunately we are spoiled for choice. I cant see me being interested in any game for such a length of time.

Palitera1587d ago

^ that's the major problem.

People will get really bored from playing the same few areas and modes quite soon.

Magnes1587d ago

@Palitera but yet gamrs will max out characters in mmo's within days of an expansion release and then run the same instances for the next year till the next expansion.

XBLSkull1587d ago

IMO 6/10 games shouldn't even be played. I don't think Destiny is one of those games, I'm having fun in it, I would give it 8/10.

Mr Pumblechook1587d ago

Polygon still smarting at the PlayStation partnership!

wsoutlaw871586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

there will be multiple destiny games. No one would be stupid enough to support a single game for 10 and expect to have a ton of players. cod has kept people for 10 years but its not just on the same game.

Panthers1586d ago

The thing about MMOs is that you have to become immersed in them.

Yes I love WoW and the reason is that the world is rich in lore and feels alive. There are tons of NPCs, a lot of which have huge backstories.

The NPCs in Destiny can be counted on your fingers and none of them offer any semblance of personality or character. They are just there because you need to be able to turn in stuff and get items.

FalloutWanderer20771586d ago

Saddest part about your comment is that you are more than likely 100% correct and even worse? There will be a plethora of gaming zombies hook,line & sinker gobbling up every single dlc/expansion release this game has. This is why the industry has become the cesspool that it is in the last 5-10 years.

UltimateMaster1586d ago

I think reviewers are scared to go against meta-critic's trolling scores.

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qwerty6761587d ago

yeah the only thing keeping people going is the promise of these "raids" dropping the 16th i believe. and supposedly these take like an hour to beat.

so lets see how it goes.

ScottyHoss1586d ago

They said some may take 16 hours minimum :P they save your spot in strike missions, let's hope it does the same in raids or someone's gonna die of a caffeine overdose

gangsta_red1587d ago

There is no way people will stay interested in this game for 10 years.

Can you imagine the other games coming for both systems that will eclipse this by far.

ThatOneGuyThere1587d ago

I've stayed interested in GT4 for a LONG ass time. Its totally possible.

gangsta_red1587d ago

You are one person, playing a single player game. This is a MMO type of game that will heavily rely on a huge user base. I doubt they will keep that user base for ten years. If this were a WoW like game then maybe yes, but console players...different beast all together.

SJPFTW1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

When activation said 10 years, I think they meant the entire franchise (Destiny 1, 2, 3, etc), not just one game.

jmac531587d ago

Who is saying this game is expected to be around the next 10 years? You're taking Internet drivel out of context. The franchise is expected to be around the next 10 years with that $500 million investment. That means sequels.

Fgfttfgff1586d ago

They're making 4 destiny's over 10 years..

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aerisbueller1587d ago

I knew they were misguided the minute I saw they were going to compromise the graphics on their 10 year game - so it could release on the last gen consoles that would be almost completely phased out in the first year or two of the game's release.

aerisbueller1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

@dcj0524 - so are they going to abandon the players on the last gen consoles for the next game?

AsheXII1587d ago

Destiny will have 2 more games man, its not just this one.

Dark111587d ago

Another over hyped garbage .. thank god i didn't buy it.

ThatOneGuyThere1587d ago

if you have friends, you're missing out. I spent 30 mintues last night in one boss fight. it was amazing. I havent been in a fire fight like that since forever. Truly unique experience that is FULL of action.

extermin8or1587d ago

tbf it IS overhyped but coop in intense boss battles are ALOT of fun, the review doesn't capture that but they are otherwise right, the story is odd it's there but it has no substance and feels rushed even though it isn't.... I can only assume it's been planned so dlc will fix it -_- which i likely won buy.

aquamala1587d ago

I loved the beta... just didn't know that would be 1/4 of the game.

I assumed there would be A LOT more content, what's there to do once you finished the 20 story missions? do the same strikes over and over, or play pvp in 3 modes and 4 maps?

3-4-51586d ago

4 maps ?

There is way more than that AND each has a Night version too, for variation in look.

You must not have played PvP much.

viperman2401587d ago

Can someone post a pastebin or an archive link to this review?

I don't want to give polygon any clicks.

extermin8or1587d ago

give them the click, i dislike them but they are close on this, a tad arsher than i would have been but i love the long hard bosses aspect.

Corpser1587d ago

Sounds like a game you would be bored with after a weekend, lv 20 cap? Just 4 areas?

jahfen831587d ago

I think that's why it so empty and lacking content now.

3-4-51587d ago

I don't think you guys comprehend things intelligently.

Your just not understanding the game properly, and what it's all about, and it's OBVIOUS with your trolling comments.

In fact, I'm willing to bet some people on here are "from" Polygon to support their terrible review.

They are...after all, caught up in all that other BS, which we are finding a bunch of lies.

Polygon = No Integrity.

6/10 = game is broken, glitchy, doesn't work, and offers almost nothing of value.

Completely not what this game is.

I'd personally give it about 9.2-9.4/10.

But I'm smart enough to see where they are going with this.

It's most likely above your comprehension level.

Smarten up.

Big_Game_Hunters1586d ago

"But I'm smart enough to see where they are going with this."
maybe in 10 years destiny will have more content and more than a laughable 3 classes after having to shill out 40$ per yearly expansion pack LOL.
Destiny fails as an MMO for many reasons,
-Classes don't add enough variety
-no in game economy
-only 4 areas
-PVP is nothing you can't get from COD,HALO,Killzone or most shooters.
- space MMO yet no dogfights
-1 hub town
Destiny fails as a SP experience as well
-need i sshow more than the final boss to prove my point?

3-4-51586d ago

The only thing I don't like is the late game missions.

Everything else was fun, but I played Solo the entire time.

With a team, it would have been even more fun, and even more so with friends.

* This Multiplayer is more fun than the last few Halo's & COD games so NO YOU CAN'T, get the same type of play in those games.

Destiny is it's own thing and it's only going to get better.

I DO FINALLY "Get/Comprehend/understan d", some of the complaints though.

I hadn't ran into them, or they didn't bother me, until I got to mars.

So YES I do get it.....but still, there is so much good with this game.

* If a lot of the stuff you want, was there, 50% of you would be complaining anyways.

Doletskaya1586d ago

Why would you give a game that's broken and offers no value a 6? Shouldn't it be more like a 2? Are you sure you are the smart one here?

newflesh1586d ago

6 years in the making, 500$ million. All wasted. Destiny

Dunban671586d ago

A few hundred million $'s and the best they can come up with is " The Darkness" and "The Traveler"?

Xenoblade had "The Bionis and Mechonis" with excellent back story s

The Darkness (bad) and The Traveller (good) are almost condescending to the people who may play the game- clearly they were going for the "unwashed masses" but even this demographic has to roll their eyes at some of the writing

BallsEye1586d ago

Very fair review

I'm having lot's of fun in the game with my mates, but it's surely not what was advertised to us. For those who compare to bungies previous game, it's nowhere near halo. It just looks like bungie is getting old and try too hard to replicate success of halo. Honestly, I'm very glad 343 took over their franchise. Why? Bungie now struggles at most important aspects of FPS game. For example sounds..

here is what 343 did with halo sounds. It's mind blowing difference! How come Destiny guns still sound so pewpew? Even music. I mean main score is great, but battle music sometimes sound like an asian karaoke machine. Why the lore is so uninspired? It's like they took enemies from halo and totally removed everything that made them unique.Halo has the best sandbox enemy AI out there but destiny's enemies are completely dumb. Why there is no proximity chat? I mean, even in halo when you play pvp match, and your enemy is really close to you, you can hear him talk. Why can't we have this Destiny's Tower? It's totally anti-social game =/. I do have friends to play it with but still wanna meet new ones, and having to invite people to fireteam just to ask if they wanna do a quest is worst design choice ever. Why graphics are so last-gen and run in 30 fps on both machines? Bungie, I have huge respect for you and I'm always a fan, but you're getting old and need to keep up with today's standards (in a good way, not bad "do what COD do" way).

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Magicite1586d ago

all reviews for this kind of game must come at least 1 week after game release, thats when You understand whether game is long-term or short-term fun.

spacedelete1586d ago

the main problem about Destiny is if you have played the alpha or beta you have pretty much played the game. it is that repetitive. i knew Destiny was going to be a turd after the first gameplay trailer as i really did want to get excited for it because theres not many good games released this year. i wonder how many Activision and Bungie lost sales from people playing the beta as i was going to impulse buy it but after playing the beta for free i saved my cash.

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Deividas1587d ago

Damn, Little lower than I would have thought they would give them...I was thinking between 7.8-8.5. Games really nothing special, too bad really.

SoapShoes1587d ago

I don't think any games left this year will be special... I mean in the amazing kind of way. I know there will be some great games but none look over 8/10 to me. Not until next year anyway but that doesn't mean I won't enjoy the heck out of those games. Looking forward to Tropico 5, PlanetSide 2(if it even comes this year), and Guilty Gear Xrd but I know they won't win any awards.

Deividas1587d ago

Hey im with you there, just cause its not an amazing games, doesnt mean i wont be playing and enjoying them. Just the hype was too big to live up to for this game. Will definitively still get it when it drops to like $30

DarkOcelet1587d ago

I think Alien Isolation , The Evil within and Shadow of Mordor will score above 8 and so will Little big planet 3 and Driveclub and Forza Horizon 2 and Sunset Overdrive but i guess now Destiny wont be getting any GOTY awards.

thehobbyist1586d ago

You honestly mean to tell me Smash Bros won't be special? Tell me, where do you ascertain your ganja?

DarkOcelet1587d ago

Yeah i fogot those too :)

SoapShoes1587d ago

They'll be good games that I enjoy but don't look like amazing 10/10 games that influence games for years to come.

Myst-Vearn1587d ago

Not often that I agree with this site. Good review.

Father__Merrin1587d ago

crap review, I feel this review if geared this way due to it being multi platform!!!

had it been xbox only polygon would have been shooting out 10's out of its orifices...

OT it's not a world beater but it's looking like it's worth a purchase, I'm sure lots of content will be uploaded as the title progresses. I can imagine tons of missions and new items etc to arrive yet

SoapShoes1587d ago

Yeah I agree with that. I don't think it's a 6/10 at all. More like 8/10, imo anyway. It won't win GOTY but it will entertain most who play it.

gamerfan09091587d ago

People keep using this tired excuse, but never EVER give proof to back up their bullshit claims that Polygon rates MS exclusives higher than any other console maker. It's a bullshit conspiracy theory that has zero merit. If you actually go through the website and look at their archives you'd see the review scores don't follow any of the agenda people like you spout.

SoapShoes1587d ago

Well you looked at their archives so clearly you could see why, to some, it would look fishy when compared to popular opinion. I like how you put "people like you" as if everyone who gets that impression is the same. I hate to break it to you but lots of people feel this way about them, it's not an isolated group of people who talk about the latest conspiracy. Likewise there are those who don't see it but it's just the impression that has been left on the person, why do you care so much that people don't see things the same way as you?

claudionmc1587d ago

gamerfan, are you serious? Do you really cannot see it?!

Polygon review of TLOU - 75... MAN, 75

Polygon review of Gears of War Judgement - 80...

Polygon says that GOW judgement is a better game than The Last Of Us...

Nothing more to say

SJPFTW1587d ago

Two different reviewers reviewed TLOU and GOWJ. And last time I checked Polygon gave a lot of Playstation exclusives high scores (ex. Uncharted), and Destiny is not a playstation exclusive so your argument is moot.

porkChop1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )


The difference in reviewers actually doesn't matter. When it comes to scoring games, ALL Polygon staff get together and they discuss the game. They ALL decide what to score the game, together, even if someone hasn't played the game all Polygon staff take part in the scoring process. So claudionmc is absolutely right, Polygon as a whole placed the atrocious Gears Judgement above The Last of Us. Even accounting for taste/opinion, that just doesn't make sense because Judgement was a poorly made game by all accounts.

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Rivitur1587d ago

Understand they are reviewing a game for the content it launched with not for what they say is coming. Really from what I hear is that the score is just about right.

shinrock1587d ago

Yep tons of the same mission over and over. The 1st dlc should a story mode!

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gamertk4211587d ago

So far, dead-on balls accurate.