Destiny Has Flaws That Need To Be Corrected To Ensure It Survives

As good as Destiny is, it has flaws that need to be corrected to ensure it does not die off similar to other games with the same issues

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Septic1500d ago

I don't know if they can be corrected. For me, it comes down to the scope of the game and what it was hyping itself up to achieve.

A.I behaviours
Lack of 'real MMO' elements
Only an illusion of a persistent online world
Lacklustre PvP design

Sorry to say it, but this is a case where the developers failed to fulfill their own ambitions or grossly over-hyped what their title was setting out to do. A shame really because it's been so long since we waited for this.

ForgottenProphecy1500d ago

a really good story would have saved this game in my opinion. People would have been like "it's repetitive, but the story keeps you coming back for more", but instead the lackluster story is another fault that keeps this from being a great game

porkChop1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

The poor story and PVP are what really bother me, I think the rest of the game is pretty great. But this is Bungie. Good narrative and awesome multiplayer are what they do best. I don't understand how they could so terribly screw up in these 2 areas.

Cha0tik1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

Bungie has already stated various times that this is NOT an MMO so if you're expecting this to be or become one then you're going to be disappointed.

This is why I wasn't so hype about this game because I can actually appreciate the game for what it is.

BattleAxe1500d ago

I would add:

- no matchmaking for co-op story mode
- no matchmaking for Raids
- no chat of any kind in the Tower
- no chat in PvP with people who are not in your party

The funny part in all of this is that Bungie has tried to defend these things as if they are smart design decisions...

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pompombrum1500d ago

Honestly, I'm having an absolute blast with the game. While I agree it has many faults, it still doesn't detract from the amount of fun I'm having. I don't usually enjoy pve content in multiplayer games however the first time me and my friends tried the heroic strike, it just scratched an itch I never knew I had. Thanks largely to the gunplay mechanics, cruicible is damn addictive and I could spend all day in there without getting bored.

I think the main problem with this game is that Bungie tried to sell it as something it's not. I've been playing MMOs for nearly 15 years now and there is very little about this that makes me think it's an MMO. Bungie should have just called it their latest FPS game which borrowed heavily from MMORPG based mechanics.

ShowGun9011500d ago

i played the beta, had a great time with it, and expected the finished product to be similar. it was, and im having a blast with it as well... i think the crucible is awesome, cant wait to get some better gear to show it off! seriously, its just a bigger halo, and i dont see how thats a bad thing.

Viryu1500d ago

For me so far it's a very solid FPS. But for something as social as it was advertised, it's far from it. The lack of text chat, matchmaking missing from events like dailies/weeklies or from story missions. Even something as creating a team is a pain, since you first need to send a PSN message to someone, and the other player has to go to the PSN messages (!) and join through there. There's no such thing as party making via in-game.

Does anyone still remember Defiance? One of the reasons it failed was because of how hard it was to get parties, and at release story missions were solo only. It seems Bungie repeats the same mistake with Destiny, and actually goes further with it. I give Destiny a month before it dies down, just like Defiance.

The_KELRaTH1500d ago

Create or join a Fireteam using the player OPTIONS menu then goto Roster - I even got a trophy for inspecting another player :)

Viryu1500d ago

You go to options, you select invite, AND THEN it send a PSN message. Which the other player has to go to PSN menu to read, and there is also a delay before a message actually appears there. Yeah... no, too much of a bother. If they did something like, select a player, invite, and the other player just goes to their own in-game menu and clicks yes, that would be perfect. Many games do it like that. So why Bungie chose to use the PSN system menu outside of their game, no idea.

porkChop1500d ago

Yeah the lack of any real social features for what was supposed to be a very social game just doesn't make any sense. I like the game, and I've give it a solid 8 to 8.5, but it has some serious issues that need to be sorted out quickly.

ShowGun9011500d ago

anybody who thinks its too much of a pain to set up a team, which is IDENTICAL to pretty much every other game out there on console right now, will just not be happy...

lets take a notoriously easy game to pair up teams, COD... on ghosts you go into a menu, say invite, and it brings up the PSN, and you send the message... EXACT SAME PROCESS... seriously, its like 4 button presses, heaven forbid you played online in the 90s! you'd have quit gaming forever!

also, if you press the ps button when the mssg arrives, it comes up automatically! they've made this incredibly easy. Also, the reason console games use the built in system for invites now, is cause its already built for them, they just have to access it.

destiny is fun with a group, and it took me less than a minute to get everybody in orbit last week, our 5 man team ready to go almost instantly... i dont see why people need to group up faster than that... online runs flawlessly, even day 1.

first world problems, i swear...

beerzombie1500d ago

That's why this game is a fail. When I played the beta it was stupid the way they set it up to join other people.

The_KELRaTH1500d ago

As an FPS with MMO elements it's great fun.

I really hope in future updates they make more use of the larger environments for larger player lists and 4 to 6 x Fireteam matches.

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