MSI demonstrates their GS30 2-in-1 desktop gaming PC/laptop

Is it a bird, is it a laptop, is it a desktop? No, it's MSI's system? At the moment it's just a pre-production sample but the bundled laptop and dock ought to allow bona fide desktop performance via a laptop. On the road, you've got a thin and light notebook and plugged in, at home you've effectively got a full desktop running from the same system.

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Deividas1591d ago

Might as well just build your own Micro ATX desktop yourself and lug it around...just as easy...

tee_bag2421591d ago

You're not mean to lug around the box as well. That ugly gimp is meant to be left behind.

Deividas1591d ago

Yea true, just makes no sense...they why not just build a small gaming PC instead of this? Will have exactly what you want and can afford, and look the way you want...and you can still have a laptop on the road...or if you dont want to spend all the money and a laptop, just use all that money for a gaming laptop...and have gaming at home and on the road with one machine...

ninjahunter1591d ago

Very cool, although i believe this has already been done by modders via eGPU (External GPU). Which i might add is a cheaper solution.

The idea is that you can build a little case that houses a desktop GPU and a PSU. Then you can plug that into your laptop when you want to game.

Hypothetically this could be an alternative to consoles if you already have a supported laptop.