EA doesn't usually get benefit of the "cult" says CEO

GamesIndustry.Biz writes: "Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello says that his company doesn't usually get the benefit of the "cult" when it comes to game ratings.

While speaking to investors gathered for the William Blair & Company's 28th Annual Growth Stock Conference, Riccitiello was asked to estimate the Metacritic review scores for EA's upcoming titles.

"I always hate answering questions like this. It is a little bit like you're jinxing the play, you know - 'We expect the New York Times to love this play.'

"And you sort of feel a little bit like a twit getting out ahead of it because there's a certain cadre of journalists that would love to prove me wrong."

Riccitiello said that he has looked carefully at EA Sports titles - NASCAR, NCAA, Madden and NBA Live - and found them to be better products than last year."

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solidjun53773d ago

...some of your games SUCK! or they're just re-hashes every year and in some cases, in worst shape then the year before. Play NBA LIVE 2007/2008 and come back to me when you're done.

name3773d ago

Games that EA only PUBLISHES turn out fine. Games they develop however..

sfinXters3773d ago

Agreed, look at Burnout.

Marcello3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

Yea, they so ruined Burnout, Paradise got boring so quickly, whereas Burnout 3 still sends me into a spin 4 years after release :P

EA you can go F**k yourselves, you wont be getting any sympthy from us gamers until we get some good games, instead of year after year the same old shovelware.

That @rsehole only gives a [email protected] about his soddin bonus and his poxy shareholders anyway, us gamers dont seem to be important.

Zhuk3773d ago

sad but true, gaming reviews are incredibly biased, look at the scores GTA IV and MGS4 got, just because of their 'cults', great games but still they do get special consideration compared to less popular titles because of the special place they do hold in the industry

Leathersoup3773d ago

I love the comment about non-professional critics. Does that mean that no professional critic exists? Take a look at Rotten Tomatoes has just as varied a landscape when it comes to critical views of movies.

I think Mr. Riccitiello needs to understand the concept of multiple points of view. As soon as you have more than one opinion on a subject, there is a chance of variance. Each time you add a new observer to the situation, there is a higher chance of variance in the way each person views the game. I'm guessing that up until now, he's getting his primary feedback from people who are too busy kissing his posterior to actually look at the game.

hotrider123773d ago

i just read on EA coming out with a new need for speed call "undercover" base on the movie transporter well i wont be buying this one!!!!

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