The PS4 And Xbox One Are Already Out Of Date

Nothing makes me laugh more than the ongoing obsession with the Xbox One’s difficulties rendering games at a full 1080p resolution.

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aceitman3069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

So is a 1,500 pc I bought 6 months ago

XBLSkull3069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

By the time hardware gets to the shelf where you can buy it there is already something better, so it makes me laugh that you probably spend $2000 building PC's that are already out of date.

Edit: assumed it was a PC elitist article, just 4K BS. 4K is great but almost no 4K content exists, it isn't going to become mainstream any time soon.

iSuperSaiyanGod3069d ago

4k movies & players will start moving out next holiday season at affordable prices . I'm super stoked . But for my Blu Ray collection that will take a hit lol

Future_20153069d ago

except all games run natively at 4K with a 4K monitor

dcbronco3069d ago

Samsung has a very good 4k for just under $1400 us. Not bad compared to the $5000 just a couple of years ago.

Rowco1473069d ago

Ps4 is 4k ready for video. Not games though

Army_of_Darkness3069d ago

The author needs a little more common sense here... In a business perspective, do you think that it's wise to invest in a console that is capable of native 4k resolution while considering the fact that 4ktv's are still fairly new to the consumer, high price tags plus with very few people having it in their household would be a good idea?? Lol! Sony and Microsoft are much smarter than that. A 4k console would probably cost at least double what we're paying now and I doubt there would be that much people lining up to purchase one since you gotta fork out another $3 to $5k on a new TV just to experience it properly. The specs in the consoles now are done intentionally To accommodate current 1080p TV's that are practically in very household.
Sony knows that consumers will not spend that kind of money on entertainment these days and don't even get me started on how much the games would cost lol!

Daniel_Potter3069d ago

Well, there is 4K porn(look up Naughty America 4K)
And most games support 4K resolution, so it's not really as pointless as you think
4K screens cost ~500$ now days, but considering that 4K is 400% bigger than 1080p you are required to get 2 graphic cards - TITAN's, 780Ti's, R9 290X's

ThanatosDMC3069d ago

Love how articles like these never talk about things like optimization.

SilentNegotiator3068d ago

Stupid, stupid Sony and Microsoft...clearly they should have gone with $1000 consoles. Those would have totally sold. /s

UltimateMaster3068d ago

Ultimately, it comes down to the Game developers' choice in what resolution/frame rate/graphical fidelity the game should be.

You can claim all you want that your PC could do 1080p a few years ago, but they're still the exact same game, often poorly optimized ports of the same game on every platform.

You take a game like Crysis 3 at ultra high settings and a "4k" PC may not have enough power to get all the settings at max, with a stable 60fps frame rate.

The more demanding the game is, the more likely it is to drop the resolution/frame rate of it in order to maximized the number of elements on screen.

Technology will always evolve, but I just feel bad for the person that has to change smart-phone ever 4 months because something new came along.

IMO, and that has always been the case, the resolution factor is not the most important thing. I'd much rather have a 720p game with higher Graphical Setting/AKA: Visual Fidelity than anything else.

The best way to game on PC is to make your own PC. The majority of people do not want to be bothered with it. Like the article said, if the PS4 is outdated, then so is the next PC, and so on and so forth.

Today's technology is tomorrow's classic technology.

RosweeSon3068d ago

If it's only about 4K they can take sony out think they've already got that covered in a future update when it's actually necessary and there's more than 35 people with a 4K telly. Ie not for at least 12-24 months

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ShinMaster3069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

How many of these insecure PC fan articles do we need?

[EDIT] Never mind, the author seems a little more obsessed with 4K when there's little 4K content in the first place. Wait, isn't the PS4 4K ready(for video)?
He just mentions one source that claims that you won't be able to buy 1080p TVs in two years. Which is BS btw.

MrPink20133069d ago

How many insecure console fans are there? They all go hand in hand. Until we can all get along and get back to basics, enjoying video games, we will continue to highlight why articles like these exist.

The thing is consoles are handicapped by its pricing model versus being mainstream. It's also why consoles have a heck of a time selling if they are priced over $400.

PC gaming is for purists who want the best possible performance. Nothing wrong with that. Same thing with wanting the best sound system or best cinema home system.

What is troubling though is how game developers continue to want to push visual candy over performance. All games should at least be 1080p now. Along if course with a stable frame rate starting at 30fps. The PS4 is doing a better job at it but there are still some games that struggle to reach that. Blame the developer or the hardware, doesn't matter because you can get that and more on the PC. I think this article highlights how the new systems have already fallen behind the PC this quickly which didn't happen before.

user56695103069d ago

Let's not count the bitter console fanboys and their dumb elitist I'm better than you articles.

dcbronco3069d ago

I won't say 1080p will be gone in two years but I'll say they will in four. The low starting price and extremely fast drop after leads me to believe things will happen more quickly than with HD in general.

I think consoles are restricted by their pricing model. Sony may have been onto something with the initial production cost of the PS3, but they made a mistake with architecture. If they had made a console better tool and that lived up to the power expectations it might have been less of a struggle last generation. Imagine current generation machines with x86 architectures but highly modified cores and the beefiest modified GPUs. Go with a $600 launch price but have something amazing to show for that price.

The problem with going cheap this generation is that new APIs will make the power gap so much more pronounced this time. Mantle was bad enough but after 2015 and DX12, things will quickly get ugly. Sony better be ready to move Now and Microsoft better have Azure ready to prove the power of teh cloud and their architecture on One if the don't want Steam boxes to take over.

starchild3069d ago

"PC gaming is for purists who want the best possible performance. Nothing wrong with that. Same thing with wanting the best sound system or best cinema home system."

Exactly. It's for enthusiast that care a lot about how their games look and run (as well as the other advantages the PC offers).

I think all gaming platforms have something worthwhile to offer. I like my PC and my consoles. I honestly have no problem with people who choose to only game on one console as long as they are honest with themselves and others about the platform and their reasons for choosing it.

The problem arises when people act like their $400 console is just as good as a high end PC. It's simply not true and it's a slap in the face to anybody that actually knows and appreciates the differences.

I mean, I'm into the home theater scene in addition to gaming and I have a nice sound system and a nice display, but definitely not the best in the world. To draw a parallel between the home theater scene and the gaming scene I would have to say that I have no problem with somebody that says "hey, I'm happy watching all of my movies on a 40" HDTV using the onboard speakers" as long as they respect others that have more discerning taste. They shouldn't pretend that their 40"cheap brand TV is just as good as those with high end projectors and sound systems.

It's the same thing with gaming. I have no problem with people that choose to do all their gaming on a console. Where it becomes a problem is when certain individuals act like their console is just as good in every way as a high end PC. Anybody that games on a high end PC and consoles knows that simply isn't true.

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ShinMaster3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

Wow, it didn't take much for all these people to show up.

@ MrPink2013

> says console fans are insecure too, then proceeds to justify his PC gaming choice lol. No need, buddy.

@ Consoleslateagain

""dumb elitist I'm better than you""
*reads username* Oh the hypocrisy.

Hey, you all don't see me going into PC-only articles and claiming how much better consoles are, do you?

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aceitman3069d ago

And not to mention smartphones and tablets.

gamernova3069d ago

Ah, man. You don't buy an expensive PC. You build one :/ but I do get your point. Tech is always evolving. It's great and a pain in the ass.

Eddie201013069d ago

Why do a lot of PC gamer's feel so threatened by consoles?

Consoles aren't harming PC gaming, PC gamer's are and the fact that PC's aren't standardized nor are many of the people that play PC games for that matter.

The problems that harm or hinder PC gaming:

Pirating, steeling content. Often times not willing to pay retail for games. Most people who buy games on PC buy when the cost is reduced. Makes it pretty hard for publishers and developers to make decent sustainable profits.

So many variations in hardware, making it impossible to make a game that runs well on every system.

There are a lot of gamer's on PC but a huge majority are Casual gamer's not hard core gamer's. Many of those hardcore gamer's are the one's that pirate games.

PC's are more complicated from the start to even play a game. You have to deal with driver updates system specifications. which some people don't completely understand. It take a considerable amount of effort to play PC games, granted, for that effort you sometimes get an amazing experience and can sometimes be creative with mods and art, but the people that want to do those things is not nearly as big as the amount of people that simply want play a game.

I like PC gaming and have spent many hours learning the in and outs of PC's in general. But I like console just as much and understand they both have their place for consumers.

If some PC gamer's were completely honest they would admit that consoles even with weaker hardware can have games that are pretty darn good looking and playing, it's not always about pixel count and detailed lighting effects, art style and good use of limited resources can sometimes produce better results than a machine with seemingly unlimited resources.

Neither is going away, just be happy that you are able to play games and that there are options for playing them.

LonDonE3069d ago

Thank you! u pretty much nailed it!
I too own and game on EVERY platform including pc and i too feel the way you do, i just wish more gamers were like u and me! bubble up for u my good sir for speaking the truth and with logic!

Vegamyster3068d ago

"Why do a lot of PC gamer's feel so threatened by consoles?"

Why do MS & Sony fans bicker back and forth? Why did Sega & Nintendo fans do the same thing in the 80's/90's? You have fanboys on all platforms who will defend there preferred platform at all lengths, it's not exclusive to just one or two.

For the rest of your comment you get somethings right but exaggerate others, like i said in another article piracy may be bigger on the PC but profits continue to grow due to digital distributors like Steam, GoG, Gamersgate, Greenmangaming, Getgame, Amazon Digital, Gamefly ect even if people do buy games when they're cheaper.

Like you said, people should just be happy both exist.

strangeaeon3068d ago

You are right about piracy, I can go to any torrent site right now and get pretty much anything I want.Luckily Steam exists so hopefully the lower prices mitigate this somewhat.

JD_Shadow3068d ago

"Consoles aren't harming PC gaming, PC gamer's are and the fact that PC's aren't standardized nor are many of the people that play PC games for that matter."

There's a major problem with that statement, and that has to do with publishers that port games from console to PC and cannot be asked to optimize the game when they port it to run on PC to take advantage of hardware. When you lock your game at 30 FPS on the PC when a system is more than capable of doing well more than 60 or even 120, you have an issue.

And if the game is broken as a direct result of the port being shit, and no one cares to do anything about it, you get the notion that consoles CAN harm the PC market as much as those that choose to treat that PC market as an afterthought. Blame the publishers (like EA, for instance) for making it that way, not the gamers that complain about it.

Eddie201013068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )


Thanks for the compliment, Appreciate it. glad you agree

I wish gaming hadn't become such a pissing contest. I know it's always been this way, but never to the complete extreme it is now. Unfortunately most of it is fueled by the internet. For people that like to get as much information as possible about gaming, it's very hard to avoid it and sometimes you unknowingly become part of it. I think it's lessened my enjoyment of gaming slightly.

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Azzanation3069d ago

The difference is your gaming rig still plays the latest games at there best quality even though your hardware is outdated, where as PS4 and XB1 struggle to deliver next gen games at the quality they should be. Play Metro Redux or the upcoming GTA5 to see that consoles fail to deliver the best quality. Anyone buying a PS4 or XB1 for graphics arent very bright. Buy them for there games only.

3068d ago
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lol I love gaming on PC but PCs are out of date by the time you finish building them. Just fight the upgrade itch and run them in to the ground.

Hooby3069d ago

Not at all. Out of Date does not mean not having the most current expensive components on the market, it means not being able to support the current high resolutions comfortably, which is looking to be 4k.

GarrusVakarian3069d ago

Consoles are outdated the moment their specs are finalized. PC's are a constantly moving platform, a fixed platform can't keep up...literally.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt3069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

does that mean great games like GTA will come to PC first no.....

i can careless about fixed specs as long as Console gamers are put FIRST.. and the games look good enough.. doesnt have to be the best

Opinion articles are getting out of hand they need their own Section just for opinions... it spreads hate more then love

Daniel_Potter3069d ago

Well, if the whole "x86 pc architecture" is true
Than GTA VI will probably come out on pc on the same date as console's

badz1493069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )


if you think that GTAV was released first on consoles because of different architectures, you couldn't be more wrong! you honestly think GTA6 will simultaneously released on pc? LOL

piracy is significantly less rampant on consoles compared to pc, that's the major reason #1! and due to no resale value on pc, games have to be sold cheaper, meaning lower profit margin on top of revenue 'loss' due to piracy and that's reason #2. #3, GTA is a MASSIVE franchise with MASSIVE brand recognition and R* is confident it will sell bucket loads and it was smart of them to take advantage of that. but make it available on pc on the same day as consoles, it will be pirated as heaven's high too and that would be counter productive! how much do you wanna bet that when GTAV released on pc this November, it will be one of the most pirated/torrented game in history? no one would dare to bet against THAT!

people might say, devs/publisher need to include pc to make money but with GTAV, R* has proven that's not entirely true. but they have an advantage with how huge the GTA franchise is. other publishers, devs can't make the same bet because there are little to no franchise that have a huge impact as GTA and they need every sell they can get. you don't believe me? try giving an example of a multiplat game selling better than consoles. almost non-existence! why? there are supposedly millions upon millions more pc gamers than console gamers, right? pc gamers pirate more, end of story!

Daniel_Potter3069d ago

#1 Used games give 0% profit to developers as well. So i guess it's equivalent to piracy on consoles.
#2 But it's digital content isn't it? Most of those insane sales happen on digital stores for the most part. Considering that it doesn't cost anything to make a digital copy, is putting a game on sale a loss? Or is it a clever marketing trick?

As you see, PC gaming has evolved and digital distribution has surpassed console's physical distribution. It dealt with problems like
1) limit to how many game copies a store can have
2) how older games are likely to be removed from shelves(thus stopping the game from giving profit)
3) Steam takes only 30% of the share from the sales, the rest go to the developer. With consoles, only 45% go to the publisher.

If piracy was such a big deal on pc, then AAA publishers would have likely abandoned pc a long time ago. Do you really think Rockstar would have bothered releasing GTA V on pc if they knew that no profit would come out of it? GTA IV probably sold well during the past few years on summer/winter sales.
Look at Wii U, it has technical limitations, it has a small userbase, it has complex architecture. AAA publishers simply don't want to deal with that platform. AAA publishers will never abandon pc, it uses a unique way to distribute games, that's way more effective. It uses the same architecture as current gen consoles, and it has a userbase of 75 million active accounts. I guess Sony & Microsoft just tipped off Rockstar, just imagine how many gamers would have joined pc if it was released on pc? GTA V on consoles barely had any anti aliasing, and had 5 min loading times and frequent dips below 30 fps.

ShinMaster3069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

That's like saying that PCs are outdated the moment new and better parts hits the shelves two months after you finished building one...

GribbleGrunger3069d ago

But great games are timeless.


Thats 100 percent true GribbleGrunger. I still have love for NES games and play some until this day. Great games will live forever.

Ares84HU3069d ago

I'm the same just with Ps1 games. Just got 10 PS1 games the other day as well. If the game is good, graphics don't matter that much.

sonic9893069d ago

Spoken like a true gamer

Kingdomcome2473069d ago

I couldn't agree more. Speaking for myself I grew up on 8 bit consoles, or I should say that era is where my gaming passion was kindled. The amount of progress that's been made since then is both staggering, and awesome. Graphical fidelity is a large contributing factor when it comes to immersion. I concede that. I just feel as though the thirst for higher pixel counts, and greater graphical fidelity has supplanted gameplay in regards to people's primary concern. I don't mean to say that's all people care about. It's great to want top flight graphics without compromises being made to gameplay innovation. We were spoiled last generation. We witnessed an incredible leap forward, but at times I feel as though it's also taken us as a collective gaming community backwards as far as our mindset is concerned. Great games as Gribblegrunger stated, are absolutely timeless. I just can't help but feel that sometimes we forget what it is that actually constitutes a great game. HD was great, full native 1080p is great, and 4k is amazing. Personally though, those things are not why I fell in love with games, nor will they be what keeps me coming back to games. No matter what platform you're on, you're a gamer to me, and in my mind share a special kinship of sorts. Sorry this was so long guys.

sonic9893069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

I started with sega genesis and I loved every piece of it not because of the graphics but because how much I felt connected to the games emotionally and mentally the games that can really capture that feeling decreased magnificently last gen personally I consider last gen as the worst gen ever for me at least it was all about graphics and shooters or middle ages games both of which I got sick off.
The timeless games like ico and shadow of the colossus and many others didnt come to us last gen and honestly if it wasnt for nintendo even though I am not a nintendo fan we could have lost that magic completely.
I can also thank sony they made some fantastic efforts with lbp ratchet patapon and sly etc. but they could have done more nevertheless great efforts .
The problem is the market now is focused on one type of gaming and one type of gamer the old school ones like us seems like they have no place anymore because even the franchises that we love or the genres that we like have been put behind sometimes I used to be happy with one mediocre platformer just because I want one so badly honestly sly 4 could have been a much much better game if it had bigger budget but you know the shooter boys wont care about it so why waste money on it.
PS4 is probably my last console if things dont improve and hopefully it will.

unknownbystander3069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

I know this is off topic, but the Wii U owners are sadly getting the same kind of judgement when PS4 and Xbox One are compared to the Wii U. Yet, many people just shrug it off, and say it's weak or has no games.

Owning both PS4 and Wii U, even though the Wii U isn't as technologically advanced as PS4, it still has many hidden jewels that people tend to not see. Games that are actually fun for the heart, not just some egotistical train of manliness type of games like most shooters today(not saying the PS4 and Xbox One are completely full of these, but their library contains a lot of these types of games).

There seems to be a bias within most people about Nintendo and their hardware. Many people laugh at the Wii U and say that their PS4's and Xbox One's are stronger just to make themselves feel better, or cool, while the same thing is happening to them when it comes to PC.

This statement whatsoever is not directed towards you. I just wanted to give out a piece of my mind about the gaming community at large, and the people who belittle other consoles and their owners.

starchild3069d ago

Exactly. I dislike that kind of bias. The same individuals will bash the Wii U non-stop (or the XB1) just because it isn't as powerful as the PS4, but somehow when the PC comes into the picture it suddenly becomes "all about the games". And it's like well, can't people enjoy games on the Wii U and XB1 even if the graphics aren't as good as on PS4? And aren't there good games on the PC too?

I think those people try to have it both ways, depending on if they are trying to dismiss the PC or dismiss one of the consoles.

Whirlwind_Fanfare_083069d ago


Spot on with that one.

Kingdomcome2473069d ago

@Sonic- I can identify with that. Some of my most joyful memories in gaming are rooted in countless hours spent with Sonic, and Super Mario World. Ratchet&Clank absolutely nailed that feeling for me. I love darker themed games immensely. Bioshock 1 is my favorite game of all time. I just would love to see the comeback of great platformers. Rayman Legends was a bright spot in recent memory. I personally bought an Xbox One this gen due to having never owned an Xbox, and there already being a PS4 in my home. Microsoft is the worst camp to be in of the big three if your looking for a great platformer. The publishers and devs are going to develop towards the largest common denominator, and that just so happens to be shooters. I've always loved Sony for their sheer breadth of diverse quality IPs, and I'll always respect Nintendo for the courage they display in blazing their own trail. Microsoft has some games in the pipeline that I'm truly looking forward to, none more so than Quantum Break. That said they just don't provide the diversity I've come to know, and love. Ori is my sole hope right now as far as platformers are concerned from Microsoft. I'm grateful for being able to witness the incredible evolution of the industry, I just hope that we don't completely forget where we came from.

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Kayant3069d ago

Argument about 4K is silly.

1. 4K prices can continue to drop if they want, they are still not unaffordable for mainstream and majority that would be buying the consoles.

2. Both consoles support 4K media which is more than enough. 4K gaming is extremely taxing even to the most powerful GPU's.

3. 4K content is still very low and will continue to be low for a number of years.

4. Simply put current-gen console are not outdated in terms of 4K content.

ARESWARLORD3069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

Re read the article Kayant.

This is what they are saying,

(Even the makers of the Xbox One and PS4 acknowledge that 4K is a big deal. Ahead of each console’s launch last year speakers for both Microsoft and Sony were falling over themselves to try and suggest that their consoles would handle some sorts of 4K content – be it their interfaces, their streaming capabilities or even, particularly optimistically, their Blu-ray drives. But it’s all gone very quiet on this since, and it seems to me there are huge hurdles to the consoles delivering on all but the smallest of their 4K promises.)

I do agree with you Kayant that the displays are evolving faster then the raw power needed to push them. GPU's are at least a couple year's away from maxing out 4K gaming in my opinion.

I have to disagree with
4. Simply put current-gen console are not outdated in terms of 4K content.

In my opinion a gaming console's primary purpose in life is GAMING. If it can not game at native 4K then it is in fact outdated in terms of 4K.

Im not saying the PS4 or XONE are outdated for the average user like myself who games at 1080p as I think they are awesome machines. But they are not 4K gaming machines.

Christopher3069d ago

***In my opinion a gaming console's primary purpose in life is GAMING. If it can not game at native 4K then it is in fact outdated in terms of 4K. ***

I think he isn't saying that they can run games at native 4k and therefore are not outdated. But, that the argument of needing to play at 4k is unnecessary and therefore not a topic that would be considered for determining if the console is outdated.

Minute Man 7213069d ago

They have 4K 3D tvs for $2,500. If I didn't buy a regular 3D tv 2 years ago ($1,099) I would have picked up a 4K tv already. In 2 years time I should have a 4K tv, gotta start house shopping first