GTA5 - One year on

A look back at GTA5, one year after it sprang onto our consoles.

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Septic1498d ago

One year on and I'm still asking the same question a month after the game came out....


Monkeycan81498d ago

Ive just been asking where is the game they promised after like 3 days there was nothing else to do in the game...

SuperDan-Dare1498d ago

It wouldn't be so bad if they just said 'sorry guys we just can't do it' or 'when we said we'd do heists, we meant the online missions' because then I could get some fucking closure and move on. But they won't even do that. We're stuck in limbo.

anwe1498d ago

I know they're rolling in money and wont miss my lost sale, but I refuse to buy this game a second time. I cant say I haven't enjoyed the game, but the fact remains that online heists influenced my decision to purchase it on ps3 the first time, and they're still a no show.

S-T-F-U1498d ago

A year Already? I'll be dead soon at this rate (where do the days go?) From what I have heared and seen of the new version it looks good. I'll buy because I like Orcas.

Matt6661497d ago

Not my favorite GTA game in my own opinion (my favorites are GTAVC/SA) but still a good game