Advanced Warfare – Multiplayer Map “Recovery” First Look

IGN have continued their month long overage of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, sharing the first-look at multiplayer map "Recovery"

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Funantic11495d ago

Looks good. Can't wait.

Agent_hitman1495d ago

After watching the trailer of this game, the games the popped up in my mind was Crysis, MNetal Gear Solid and Halo.. feels like I'm watching a different game not COD..

They should go back from making a Modern Day, not sci-fi shooter like Modern Warfare with Captain Price..

I'm not saying that this game don't look good and promising. As a matter of fact this could sell more than the crappy Ghost..

dcj05241495d ago

I'm a big fan of CRYSIS and MGS and Halo is cool so that's perfect. I haven't bought a COD since black Ops 1, it just seemed sub-par. Now it looks different than other shooters even if just a little and that's what COD needed imo.

USMC_POLICE1495d ago

Let's try WW2 first please now the market is flooded with modern day shooters.

dcj05241495d ago

Yeah, my man thing is to stay away from the modern setting. I'd love to see another WW2 or Vietnam Shooter. But those have been done before. This vein of Sci-fi (Deus Ex, TITANFALL,Crysis) is still under-explored compared to a modern or WW2 setting. And I love Sci-fi shooters that don't go too far away.

solidt121495d ago Show

Maps look bland as hell, no detail at all.

paddy951495d ago

Looks way more fun and thought out than the titanfall or destiny maps. Great job!

Clown_Syndr0me1495d ago

Looks cool, but I feel that Sci fi shooters are everywhere these days?
Id like to see something more dark and gritty. Perhaps Vietnam?

FullmetalRoyale1495d ago

I don't disagree with wanting somehow dark and gritty. Spec Ops: The Line is a prime example.

However I am intrigued as to what the Dead Space creators can do with the polished CoD gameplay, story wise. I'm a big fan of the story in the original Black Ops. This really has the potential, considering who is behind it, to be something more unique, regardless of the time period in which it is set.

We shall see, I suppose! :)