Rising Star Holding Discount Sale On PSN And Nintendo eShop

In celebration of their upcoming 10th anniversary, Rising Star Games are holding a discount sale on the Nintendo eShop and PlayStation Network in North America and Europe.

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mydyingparadiselost2127d ago

$6 is a steal for Deadly Premonition, even if it is a sub standard port of the 360 game. Pick it up, you'll be entertained one way or the other.

nunley332127d ago

The PS3 version of Deadly Premonition:Director's Cut is an enhanced expanded port from the original 360 version. The original 360 version was roundly panned for it's terrible controls,graphics, dialog was called the worst game ever by some. Some found it fun like watching a really bad B-Movie. The PS3 version fixes it's many glitches and it runs and controls better with a DS3 and the newly included PS Move controls. At $6 it's certainly worth a buy and you'll get a some laughs from this and is the Definitive version.