Destiny: Ammo and Gold Hacks are Taking Over Bungie’s New Game

Destiny is being targeted by hackers and several applications have already been successfully made to disrupt the game’s normality. Aside from the already known ammo hack, a new one is destroying Destiny's economy, the glimmer points or gold hack.

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JeffGUNZ1549d ago

This is a little dramatic don't you think? I'm sure these people will be banned or blocked either by MS/Sony or Bungie. Hackers will always do this stuff, it's annoying.

3-4-51549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

"With so much hacking going on, it starts to be really hard to play as intended."

OMG Really ?

* Nobody is forcing people to CHEAT.

That is like saying" It's hard for me to pass this test because others are cheating. "

Makes no sense.

This is a non-issue as you can't share it with anybody else.

It therefore can't spread like it would in others games, and they can easier find who is doing it.

Kidmyst1549d ago

If this affects PVP and competitive play then Bungie needs to ban them and put a stop to this. I tried competitive play when I was level 6 and going against players with Heavy weapons which I didn't have yet made it really tough. Now face someone with a high weapon they bought and Infinite ammo and you don't even have enjoyable play. If they can only hack in single player type modes then I don't care. Either way they do it because they have no skill and can't run with the big dogs.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1549d ago

forreal... they can have all the Gear or ammo in the World if they Suck it wont even help them... ppl make a big deal out of nothing

PONTIAC08G8GT1549d ago

If people want to cheat in SP, thats fine, but when you go online to MP with modded gear or something like that it's a competitive advantage and is unfair. But I play Diablo and I've had a couple people play with me and they have modded gear, I don't quit the game or throw a temper tantrum. I would't do it but if someone else does and it's not directly affecting me, so be it.

sevilha821549d ago

It will afect the iron banner, stats and equipament matter...

Luckylly the first event will be in october só perhaps it will be patched by then.

MrPink20131549d ago

Doesn't this game require an online connection to play? If so these people are really dumb to be doing this. Bungie's banhammer will find them.

3-4-51549d ago

No it's DOES NOT effect PvP.

PvP is balanced based on who is in the game and their levels. It takes account of everything but DMG is balanced.

* For Iron Banner, maybe, but that doesn't release until October, and by then tons will have Epic/Legendary Gear.

* Don't have Heavy Weapons yet ?

You don't even understand PvP OBVIOUSLY.

EVERYONE has a Heavy gun, Heavy Ammo only drops like 1-3 time a game for EVERYONE.

Your literally MAKING UP A LIE, because you lack knowledge.

Your then, spreading that False info online, and other people are believing what you say, even though you are factually incorrect.

^ This is part of the reason so much "misinformation" about this game is going around.

warczar1549d ago

I have yet to run into a situation where glimmer was a problem. Call me when they can get legendary weapons without vanguard or crucible marks.

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DC7771549d ago

Yeah hope being king of pvp for a few hours is worth getting your XB1 or PS4 banned because that's all it's worth. You can't trade anything.

thisismyaccount1548d ago

I just wonder how that is even possible on a closed system, like the consoles.

Did they hack the stream/packets send from client to server and back or have they managed to get access directly to the console´s ram ? Or worse have partially hacked both systems to run modified code?

Kingdomcome2471548d ago

I had no idea that console games were hackable either until recently when a buddy of mine told me he knew of people doing it in GTA V online. I believe he said something about hooking a PC up to the console, and somehow being able to get into the code that way. Either way it's sad. I truly don't understand. Even if your hacking allowed you to absolutely dominate in pvp, I personally couldn't enjoy the victory at all. It's so cheap.

destincheat1547d ago

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Knightshade1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

Correct me if I'm wrong, but since the economy doesn't affect anyone else, whoooooo cares? You can't trade weapons, so it doesn't impact any other players.

ShowGun9011549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )


articles that say bad thing will always get more clicks than an article that says something positive... its sad really, people are just chomping at the bit for this to fail, hard. but since sales are breaking records all over the place (for a new IP), they cant say its selling bad, so now we get "non-news" articles like this... all games get hacked, and in one like this, there is no "economy", so i dont get what the author means by this...

"With so much hacking going on, it starts to be really hard to play as intended... Unless Bungie releases a fix patch really soon, Destiny’ economy will be destroyed and then, there’s no going back."

umm, how can an economy of one person (you) be destroyed by somebody you never met (and CANNOT trade anything with) having a ton of money... also, you have to EARN alot of the loot, making glimmer more for the simple stuff anyway... heck im level 19 and almost everything is locked out! also, once i hit 20, im gonna be grinding for crucible marks anyway, not glimmer... kinda wish this guy had played the game before going all apocalyptic on it...

also, is this only on the 360 like the last hack? author didn't mention (probably didn't know...), so if thats the case, it REALLY doesn't matter to most of us! (but it won't really affect them either, honestly)

Deividas1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

Considering Destiny has a HUGE PVP integration in its game...its actually a huge issue...If it was single player only, this would be a non-issue

Going up against someone who has infinite Rockets and weapons that they prob shouldnt have...makes things a little less than enjoyable...

SirBradders1549d ago

PVP isnt determined by level though is it unless there's a mode I haven't seen

warczar1549d ago

You have no idea how the game works do you?

RyujiDanma1549d ago

obviously people who suck at the game

GasTankKiller1549d ago

This is not always true. They just get joy out of taking advantage of things like this.

Funantic11549d ago

This is making Destiny suck even more.

Senyra1549d ago

It's really unfair... while others have to work and get points, some just get free stuff. And the snow ball goes on.

FullmetalRoyale1549d ago

That is not untrue. However I get off earning things in games. Whether it's through glitches, or via those BF4 buy all of the multiplayer unlocks dlc, there are people who will always take the easy way out.

That's their prerogative. They can cheat to be in the top one hundred, while I'm happy earning my rank of five thousand.

I'm not saying they are wrong, but I just don't see how cheating, or buying gear is even remotely satisfying. To me it is the proverbial carrot at the end of the stick that keeps me engaged typically.

GasTankKiller1549d ago

Stuff like this is a constant issue with most online based games. Someone happens on a bug/glitch and they take advantage of it.

ScamperCamper1548d ago

True that hacks spoil games when it comes to multiplayer. I mean it bugs me but I still play the game and it's been a good buy. I think though the sky is not falling yet. As mentioned here, http://www.destinycheats.or... most of the hacking and modding concerns are related to the Xbox 360. I think the new gen consoles are protected enough to snuff out these types of hacks. I sure hope that's the case.

mark3214uk1549d ago

thats whats good about ps4/x1 right now they have not been hacked so no online modders

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