GTA V Will Still Be The Best Game Of 2014

With so many gamers still looking for that stand-out X-factor game on this years latest consoles, you may just have to settle for last generations Grand Theft Auto 5 coming very soon to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC

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patelsanjeed1550d ago

i can see this bumping up PS4 sales yet again.

NewMonday1550d ago

Did not yet play GTA5, it will be the biggest new gen game in 2014 for me.

bouzebbal1550d ago

haven't played it yet either but i'm not sure i wanna get it cause GTA bores me so much.
best game of 2014? Could be LBP3 for me.

XBLSkull1550d ago

Master Chief Collection will be the years best game. This thing was definitely GotY when it first released, and I can't wait to play it again.

guitarded771550d ago

I think GTAV will probably end up being GOTY again for most. Let's face it... 2014 has been underwhelming. As for LBP3, I love the series and in the closed beta. They're not showing much outside of user generated content, but as of now, they have some bugs to work out. I want LBP3 to be amazing, but I haven't been blown away yet.

VeryNicePerson1550d ago

Wasn't The Last Of Us GOTY 2013 ? Why would GTA be better in 2014 when TLOU [Remastered] is still there ?

YodaCracker1550d ago

GTA V was the highest rated and best-selling game of 2013 with a 97 on Metacritic and 30 million copies sold.

DoctorJones1550d ago

GTA 5 was the GOTY for a lot of people.

InTheLab1550d ago

I think Spike made it GoTY and everyone else went with TLoU...and they even gave ND studio of the year but of course the Dorito empire voted GTA5 for GoTY. GTA5 has significantly less awards but about 20m more copies sold.

So you are right. GTA5 wasn't even the best game last year and TLoU is also on next gen.

starchild1550d ago

Grand Theft Auto V received higher scores. It has a 97 on metacritic while The Last of Us has a 95.

Just because TLOU received more GOTY awards last year doesn't mean that it was the better game. People might have felt that it was something a little different and that is why they made it their game of the year. This year things might not be perceived the same way.

It is an incredible game, though, for sure. One of my favorite. I haven't actually played GTAV much at all yet because I didn't buy it for my last gen consoles. I wanted to wait for the PC version.

dirkdady1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

If you listen to a lot of podcasts you know many game reviewers gave GTA V a high score on release but by the end of 2013 many felt it was overrated When getting around for goty discussions came around. hence all the outlets gave TLOU goty even after a good amont of time passed. One held up in high regards while the other wasn't.

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medman1549d ago

GTA 5 wasn't the best of 2013, as the vast majority of goty awards went to The Last of Us, which is the most awarded game in history. So.......

charliewong9801550d ago

Can't wait to see what exclusives will be available on new gens.

YodaCracker1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

-Increased draw distance
-Higher resolution
-New weapons
-New vehicles, including rare versions of classic vehicles
-New activities, including wildlife photography
-Additional wildlife, including cats and killer whales
-Denser traffic
-New foliage system
-Enhanced damage and weather effects
-Enhanced radio selections with over 100 additional new songs and new DJ mixes
-Player count raised to 30 for GTA Online

Geobros1550d ago

I don't think so, this year we have many wonderful games for GOTY.

danniellelewis1550d ago

Its looking like old games on PS3 and Xbox 360 are still trumping games this year, especially with Destiny being over hyped.

ginalee5541550d ago

GTA V uses shock tactics to grab its audience. I wonder how far they will go until people are no longer excited by all the sex and violence this game promotes.

Totally disagree, its not the best game this year.

BiggerBoss1550d ago

It's not shock tactics that attract me to gta, it's the scope of the well crafted world that Rockstar created. Just exploring Los Santos/San Andreas to see the sights while listening to a talk radio station is incredible. There's just so much to do in gta (even if you don't wanna do it lol)

NovusTerminus1550d ago

The writing to the story is what killed it for me, didn't like the characters or the story.

Game play was fun, loved the driving in it.

Online was fun, but had the WORST character creator I've ever seen.

And really, mash X to sprint... why? Just have me hold L2, like Saints Row. Rockstar, you have a huge map, don't make me mash X fir 5min to get down the street.

I'll be skipping this, unless the PC version allows Steam Workshop, then I might get it for mods.

InTheLab1550d ago

Dont forget tedious side missions. Kids eat that up.

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