GTA5 on PS4/Xbone Arriving Nov.18… Does Anybody Care?

Grand Theft Auto 5’s release date for PS4 and Xbox One was announced today. It will be reaching store shelves right in time for the holidays on November 18th, but does anyone really care?

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MillennialBuddha1499d ago

It'll probably be one of the year's best sellers....

xHeavYx1498d ago

Lol, yeah. all GTA games sell millions of copies. The "journalist" is either not very clever or really good at clickbait

mark3214uk1498d ago

does anyone care? yes i do its probably along with the tlou the best game ive ever played

bouzebbal1498d ago

i dont but i'm sure lot of people do

FlunkinMonkey1498d ago

It will be yea.. But i'll tell you what's funny, is not one MS fan has come crawling out to tell us how this remaster is a travesty, whereas they just couldn't wait to gun down TLOU.. Hypocrites.

I couldn't get into this last time on the PS3, I found it incredibly boring.. Like i'd done it all before in the other GTA's. but each to their own. May give it another go.

IrishSt0ner1498d ago

Huh when these immobile Ms fans came crawling out to gun down TLOU why didn't you say HaloMCC?

FlunkinMonkey1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Because I didn't resort to it, thanks.. Infact, I think MCC is a great deal. I'm just pointing out the fact a game that was released even later than TLOU on the PS3, which is now being remastered also, is now seemingly acceptable when the prior wasn't.


SkippyPaccino1498d ago

It definitely will be. I'm willing to double dip on GTA 5 but not for 70$ (i live in canada) 35$ will be my sweet spot.

MrWonderful1498d ago

I didn't pick up the original for this reason, so yes I care.

geddesmond1498d ago

Article looking for traffic. How much has GTA5 sold on last gen consols? 30 somnething million. Does anyone care? millions.

Magicite1498d ago

no, cod will be bestseller, but GTA5 will probably be 2nd.

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GarrusVakarian1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

What a weird question to ask. This will be huge. Just like it was last-gen.

Webbyy1499d ago

Not only that. but wii u's watchdogs and far cry 4 sales will be hurt because of this.

All 3 come out on the same day. yikes!

Paprika1498d ago

Ouch, watch dogs on Wii u at the same time as GTA.... even farcry 4 will take a hit...

RyujiDanma1498d ago

ouch!!! watchdogs in general on the wii u

DoctorJones1498d ago


So GTA 5 is coming out on the Wii U?

It isn't, so why would it hurt sales of WatchDogs?

The very late porting of Watchdogs to the Wii U will hurt its sales, not GTA5.

xHeavYx1498d ago

It's common sense, if a big game comes out, smaller games will suffer because of it.
I'm pretty sure that not a lot of people will buy Watch Dogs for the WII U, and now even less people will because of GTA

DoctorJones1498d ago


No, it's common sense that Watch Dogs wasn't going to sell well because of the way that Ubisoft have ended up releasing the game. GTA 5 has next to nothing to do with it. GTA 5 is not competing against Watchdogs on the Wii U, and the reasons for it not selling as well would not be because of it.

It's easy to understand if you try.

Paprika1498d ago

Calling #doctorjones

I own a Wii u, chances are Wii u owners don't care for watch dogs. I can personally say I only care for its exclusives. Most Wii u owners likely feel the same, possibly owning Xbox or PlayStation for those types of games. The Wii u doesn't even really need watch dogs IMO.

geddesmond1498d ago

Yep Dragon Age is out then too. It was a day one purchase for me until now. I'll just wait for a reduced price on that game because GTA5 will have me for another few months, probably until Bloodeborne.

Ouch for FC4. I didn't know that was november, I though October. Another game gone from day one purchase too.

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kassler1499d ago

I didn't buy gta5 on PS3. I was waiting for the PS4 version. It's gonna be Amazing.

HRoach6161498d ago

Smart move. I had thought about it. But I couldn't hold off at the time.

But I don't regret it. I have no problem re buying it. I'm just as excited to replay it. I beat it once then gave it to a buddy. So it's been a while. Plus GTA online was a lot of fun. Day 1 for me.

geddesmond1498d ago

But it was only announced a few months ago. Sort of a big gamble you took. What if it never came to PS4.

kassler1498d ago

Yes it was a gamble, but if it didn't come, I could Always buy it on PS3.

theXtReMe11499d ago

The simple fact of the matter is, this is one of the best games of last year and last generation and it is going to hold the same values for this generation. The work they are putting into remaking this title for Next Gen systems is unprecedented. It looks more next-generation than most true next-generation titles developed from the ground up for next generation systems. Not to mention all of the gameplay possibilities, especially online with 30 people being able to play at one time. If that includes freeroam, then I imagine this game is going to be tops on everybody's list for a very long time. Allowing tons of friends to explore the world together and see what kind of trouble they can get into.

This game is number one on my list for most wanted titles. I imagine it is the same for many... and those who are writing it off... I imagine will end up buying the title anyways, whether that be for full price or a discounted one. Due to the hype and I think once they see the game in motion, they will realize that playing it again will be like playing it for the first time on next generation systems.

Fishermenofwar1498d ago

Even though it isn't my game of choice...I have to agree with everything you said...So much to do in that game....

XtraTrstrL1498d ago

I was only kind of interested before, but after seeing the work they put in on the upgrade - I'm pretty hyped now.