Reaction: Destiny's PS4 Launch Proves PSN Isn't Tied Together with String

Push Square: "And breathe again. By penning this article we’re all too aware that we’re foreshadowing the kind of outage that would rival 2011’s widely publicised hack attack, but at the time of writing we can say with confidence that the PlayStation Network is fine. For websites such as this – the kind that break traffic records when the Japanese giant’s servers crumble like Cheshire cheese – we’d be lying if we said that the sturdiness of Sony’s online architecture has thrilled us to the core, but as gamers, like the rest of you, we were hoping that we’d actually be able to play Destiny this week."

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Dlacy13g1502d ago

String? comeon we all know its fishing line. lol... but seriously the beta probably really helped them brace for the impact much better.

BarneyS1502d ago

Well I think Sony knew this was the real deal. When they called PS4 the best place to play Destiny and with the worldwide attention for the launch, they could not afford any downtime during the launch of the game. That would have given MS the opportunity for a marketing offensive, saying Xbox is the best place to play online.

Forn1502d ago

Networks always improve, and PSN is no different. Simple as that.

MasterCornholio1502d ago

I didn't have any network problems when Destiny came out. I guess PSN is a lot stronger than I thought especially with a huge install base of 10 million people. I'm pretty impressed with Sonys servers.

martinezjesus19931502d ago

Being a long time playstation owner i was seriously expecting a tiny outage or two. I was glad it never happened. The only thing that did happen is that the chat parties kept disconnecting me from my party and didnt let me join again. Nothing a lil chat in game didn't fix tho