Do Dualshock 4 Defects Show the Real Quality of the Controller?

The Dualshock 4 is a very well-built controller compared to the Dualshock 3, and even arguably the Xbox One controller. Unfortunately though, as pointed out on reddit, there are some flaws.

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GreenRanger1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

The only problem I have had with the DualShock 4 is the rubber covering the top of the sticks has came apart.

Digital_Anomaly1502d ago

Did you have it replaced? The old rubber covering has been changed and those ones are under warranty so get on it!! Just gotta pay to have it shipped back to Sony. I had a new controller within just over a week and no problems since!

Bubbamilk1502d ago

Happened to me too so thanks for the info on that..very helpful.

I just wish I had 2 controllers so don't have to go a week without my ps4, and damn controllers are expensive.

Love how the dual shock 4 feels in my hands. I could feel the rubber giving out early on tho so glad to hear they fixed it

nirwanda1502d ago

I bought some kontrol freaks thumb stick covers for mine after the rubber started coming off, but they kept coming off, so I moulded some of this putty stuff that turns into metal and they haven't budged since.
Really happy with them now.

BG115791502d ago

Helpful added! Didn't know that.

XBLSkull1502d ago

I have synchronization issues with the controller frequently, also the battery is pathetic.

sinjonezp1502d ago

Yea, I had the same issue with the rubber covering on the DS4. On one of my sticks, i had issues with the left trigger. It was getting stuck, but fixed it. I know a few people who had the original DS4 controllers would change out the thumb pads to new ones or the xbox one analog sticks. Its worth it to change it because the originals were terrible. The DS4 is a great controller with just a few hiccups that im sure are corrected now.

nirwanda1501d ago
This is the stuff I only needed a small blob and it held completely solidly since, but you have to be careful we're you place them as the plastic arms that hold them in place catch the raised up bit where the dpad is.

choujij1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

I have used both of mine a lot since launch day on PS4 and PC. Both have been great. Also, charging is a breeze for me since I alternate between the two.

Skate-AK1501d ago


Dude I am pretty sure that stuff is really bad for your skin to be touching.

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taylork371502d ago

I love the improved ergonomics of the controller.

My only problems are:

- The brightness on LED lights (which im assuming will be fixed through software)

- The shorter battery life. If the main contributor to the shorter battery life is the LED lighting, than I think they really need to get that fixed.

xHeavYx1502d ago

You may know already, but you can dim the DS4 light

SmielmaN1502d ago

You can dim the controller from settings on the xmb.

XtraTrstrL1502d ago

They need to just start making the newer controllers with a 2000mAh battery, rather than the 1000 they currently ship with. That should take care of the battery life issue. I have Grip-Itz on my 2 DS4s to combat the early rubber wear and tear. Hopefully it's true that the new models have a different material that doesn't wear down quite as quickly. Those are the only 2 issues really, other than that - it's a massive improvement over the DS3s.

mochachino1502d ago

Dimming doesn't help much. The DS4 battery life is terrible.

And I can confirm that the new controllers have a new's more like the rubber on the DS3 - stronger but less grippy.

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harrisk9541502d ago

I'm starting to notice a little "clickiness" on R1. Feels a little "sticky" but it is not affecting anything. I just feel it when I depress it all the way, especially when playing Diablo.

dumahim1502d ago

The 1 buttons will stick a bit if you press down on the edge. I found if I make sure I press in the center of the button, I have no problems.

MeliMel1502d ago

I was gonna say samething. My R1 seems to stick every now and then. I replaced my thumb grips with Kontrol freaks as well (awesome grips btw). And the battery life. I believe the new DS4 are out. Those should be wag better.

NexGen1501d ago

There's a super easy fix for L1 and r1 sticking. No need to take the controller apart either. Check it out on youtube....fixed it for me for good, took 5 mins.

dumahim1502d ago

I noticed last night while playing Destiny, it seems like the light is flickering a little bit. Looking at the light itself, it seems fine. But if I hold the light up to something, it appears to have an unsteady flicker to it.

system221502d ago

i had the same problem.... well and i really do think the battery is subpar. i'm sure the next rev will address it though.

Palitera1502d ago

I have 2 controllers.
One has this issue (rubber torn apart) and the r1 sticking when pressed.
The other is unusable. It randomly goes down when I put right, up when left. Forumers don't know how to solve.

To send the 2nd for technical assistance here there are two options"
Paying the price of the controller in international shipping or paying the price of the controller to an overpriced technical assistance.

They have indeed very bad quality.

And to the "learn to use it" fanboys, as a comparison, my 2 5 years old PS3 controllers are still doing fine".

ProSid1502d ago

For the r1 sticky button, i believe there is some stick white stuff in there. If you just take apart the r1 button and clean that stuff, it shouldnt stick anymore.

Palitera1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )


Funny and helpful.


PS: I don't like opening the controllers because I feel like they always get a little less tight after that. This is the least problematic issue of these and I already googled the solution, so I'll live with it for now. Tks anyway.

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kizzle321502d ago

Got my console on release at midnight and my thumb sticks have held up well. I don't play religiously or anything but I do play a pretty good amount. I have ZERO issues with my DS4, battery life aside, its my favorite controller of all time.

nucky641502d ago

agreed - had mine since early march and no problems...and I work my dual sticks hard playing a lot of resogun.

MasterCornholio1502d ago

My left thumbstick is peeling slightly but not enough to cause me to freak out over it. I'm planning on buying a secondary controller soon though for coop in Diablo 3.

Overall I'm pretty impressed with the controller especially with how ergonomic it is.

Oh and I love the triggers. Much better than the DS3s in my opinion.

SmielmaN1502d ago

Same here on all points kizzle. I actually just bought the glacier white ds4, love that pearly white! Lol

zsquaresoff1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

What defects? Have had mine now for almost a year, no problems what so ever.

The only problem is that the battery drains out pretty fast.

Bubbamilk1502d ago

Some have battery life issues and others have the rubber tearing on their left analog stick. U may have gotten lucky but my left stick ripped a couple months ago. Apparently it's only the launch consoles cause mine was and I could feel it getting brittle a couple months in advance.

Nothing like that crazy rhino skin on the ds3. Like the tailgate of a truck. That stuff was invincible. U could probably take a razor blade to it and it would only scratch it maybe

Toon_Link1502d ago

Triggers break very easy as well. On the ds4 they used plastic hinges and plastic rod, on ds3 the rod was metal. I love the feel of my ds4 but I've been very good to my controllers and one has a broken trigger and the other has a wonky track pad. I do have two small children so I can't say 100% it's never been mistreated but I never had any trouble with my ds3 and the kids.

Yomiro1502d ago

I have that problem with one of my DS4, the left analog stick moving to the bottom right.

DigitalHope1502d ago

Ive had 2 controllers and both have had the same 2 issues.

The grip on the left stick coming off and my R2 trigger snapping its hinge on the left hinge where the spring sits.

If you remove the little peice of plastic that breaks you can still use the trigger but it pulls to the right a bit.

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