Grand Theft Auto V - Old-Gen Versus Current-Gen Screenshots Comparison

Alongside the announcement of GTA V’s release date, Rockstar has also released a new batch of screenshots. Therefore, it’s time to compare the visuals showcased in them with the old-gen version of GTA V.

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DoctorFry1497d ago

Most of those "last gen" shots were all promo bullshots taken before the game came out.

viperman2401497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

The promo shots taken for GTA V look nothing like the final game.

So I would't be surprised if we don't see much a difference between the old promo shots and the new (apart from the newly added grass and such), seeing as those shots were already "next gen".

SuperBlur1497d ago

thats more reflective of what we'll get

all in game footage

CertifiedGamer1496d ago

If PS4 doesn't manage to make it look like the promotional trailer, you can bet your ass PC will.

EeJLP-1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )


Wow, R* needs to collectively eat a D over those bullshots. Why aren't these companies sued for this false advertising? That looks horrible in comparison:

I skipped GTAV on PS3 'knowing'/hoping it would come out on PS4. Luckily it did, but I'm still waiting until I can get it for ~under $30, especially after seeing that they pulled that BS with the last gen versions.

viperman2401496d ago


Yeah judging by that video it looks like the game now looks like the bullshots they released for the ps3/360.


Tell me about it, it happens all the time. But no one wants to call out these companies out on their BS cause we have so many apologist saying all the companies do it ect ect, so that makes it ok.

Just look at my disagrees, what is there to disagree about? Do people like getting lied to?

I just don't get it. Every time I speak my mind and tell the truth or how I honestly feel about something I always get mass disagrees. If you aren't shutting your brain off and not thinking the next upcoming X game in franchise X is the best next thing ever and riding the blind hype train, than your a troll, or you hate it cause its popular. There can never be honest criticism without being ousted as a hater or a troll. Thus stopping honest conversation about games.

Just look at Far Cry 3, Watch Dogs, Dark Souls 2 and Forza 5. I know there are many others I can keep listing but those are the ones that people noticed that the dev's lied about and was nothing like the press release videos when it finally hit retail.

Which is why I am always skeptical about games being showed way before release, or when they only show press footage. Hell, the press and From Software kept saying Dark Souls 2 was running fine on the ps3 but when it came time to release all of a sudden they had to downgrade the game cause it wasn't running well on the PS3.

These companies always show the game running on a PC with max settings, max AA and expect us to believe that's how its going to look when we play it, when in reality it'll look nothing like the press release videos. Some people don't fall for this tactic and have gotten sick of this practice, many others don't care or don't even realize it.


Dark Souls 2

Far Cry 3

Watch Dogs

Forza 5

Bonus, GTAV
Tell me, anyone that has played the game, does it look as good as this shot?

Yet again, the game never looked this good at retail, also their showing false advertising again. Cops never arrest NPC's in the game, they always shoot to kill.

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Please be 1080p on X1, Please be 1080p on X1, Please be 1080p on X1... Did it work?

Golden_Mud1497d ago

like I said before , there is no Two Take game that got released that couldn't achieve 1080p on X1 , so I hope they optimize it as they did in the past.

MasterCornholio1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

I haven't read the comparison article by Eurogamer so I dont know.

What I'm trying to say is that we won't know until its out.

P.S I do think it will be 1080P on the One though but there's a chance that the PS4 version would be better in terms of Frame rate. Like always the PC version would be the best one to get if you have a rig that can handle it.

LamerTamer1496d ago

If you like 1080p so much you bought the wrong console. You got the one that struggles to get 1080p the most.

crazychris41241497d ago

Please allow steam workshop on pc

Are_The_MaDNess1496d ago

the workshop is so limited in many ways TBH.....

Vegamyster1496d ago

It's still a nice option to have due to its convenience.

FsterThnFTL1497d ago

Looks like a downgrade from the E3 2014 reveal.

Kivespussi1497d ago

Soo much negativity again, if you so much care about the graphics, upgrade your PC or buy a new pre built one.

Or be happy that the game looks great nonetheless.

I'm just wishing that they'd downgrade the game a bit, I'd really like to have the smooth 60fps

UnwanteDreamz1496d ago

Why? Honestly wondering I didnt think it mattered much outside of FPS. I'm sure I'm wrong. Is it personal preference?

larrysdirtydrawss1496d ago

going from 30-60fps requires a large amount of resources

squeezx1496d ago

Jesus Christ people learn to format your websites for mobile.

JohnnyHurricane1496d ago

If it was just a click of a button everyone would do it.

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