GTA 5: Old-Gen vs Next-Gen Screenshot Comparison

Check out a slider comparison between GTA 5 Next-Gen and GTA 5 Old-Gen.

Garnelenkoenig3542d ago

Really impressive. Seems they eliminated all the blur effects.

Paprika3542d ago

I'm from the UK, I'd gladly pay $60 for this, lol!

Kidmyst3542d ago

I played through the game once on PS3 and will gladly play it again on PS4.

Makkanchor3542d ago

Lol gamerbeyond that made me laugh!!!

Makkanchor3542d ago

But its worth getting rockstars said all vehicles from previous gta titles will be in this gta 5 also the whole game has been upgraded i cant wait!!!

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assdan3542d ago

Looks like about what I was expecting. A bit better than max payne 3 from what I can tell (of course I'm not looking at these in full res right now). Not an insult, that looks amazing. Just no surprise based on how it was getting hyped..

3-4-53542d ago

The Game is the same though....

Software_Lover3542d ago

Is it just me or do the trees look better on the ps3/360 version?

Jihaad_cpt3541d ago

I have to disagreed... HARD

r1sh123541d ago

I just read the rockstar newswire, its not just a port with improved graphics
They have re-worked a few things..
I want to play the GTA V story again, but I will do it on PC this time.
Wonder if the additional content will be on PS3/xbox 360 versions

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Walker3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

Wasnot that impressive imo. looks like ps3 version at 1080p and not even 60fps !

kennyg37393542d ago

How can you determined fpsfrom from a screen screenshot?

EvilWay3542d ago

You couldn't see those frames dropping? lol

Godz Kastro3542d ago

Goes to show you how ignorant people can be when it comes to this 1080/60 debate. My goodness....

dmeador3542d ago

No kidding, from what i could tell in that screenshot they are shooting for a locked 1 fps

gamer4lifeyo3542d ago

My bad, I accidentally disagreed. I was laughing so hard I hit the wrong one, lol

BootyBandit3542d ago

Walker what's your point?
The PS3 version wasn't 60fps nor was it 30fps. At least not a stable 30fps. If they can lock in 30fps on GTA V on the PS4 that'll be just fine with me.

DrJones3542d ago

I hope it's like in Infamous where you can unlock it, for an average of 35-40 fps.

Yetter3542d ago

Lookes like 1 frame per couple seconds to me

zeeman3541d ago

I am reporting you for blatant stupidity

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chrissx3542d ago

Its amazing how good the old gen version still looks,but that upgrade is really good

Agent_hitman3542d ago

To all the Pc gamers like me, iCenhancer anyone??.

BootyBandit3542d ago

Damn you only have one bubble. Maybe you can PM me or someone else can answer my question. Do you have to purchase the physical copy version of GTA IV to use the iCenhancer or can you purchase the digital copy and get that mod?

On topic:
I enjoyed GTA V so much that I bought and played it on both the PS3 and 360. I can't wait to play it again on the PS4. All I'm asking for is a locked 30fps or higher. My only gripe with GTA V on the previous consoles was it dipping down into the teens, especially while driving around the city.

FlameWater3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

The digital version is compatable
The latest icenhancer says it's compatible with all versions. The previous version I have had seperate folders for 1.4 and 1.7 real easy to instal. Just copy and paste, make a backup copy of game and original vehicles cause they're corrupted mod files on the net.

vehicle mods

BootyBandit3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

Thanks for the info FlameWater. +Helpful

I just got back into PC gaming and I'm looking forward to seeing how GTA IV ice mod will look and run on my new rig.

FlameWater3542d ago

I wonder if will be able to mod real cars and customize them