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"Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor is only about 20 days away now, and yet strangely there is very little hype in the gaming community.

The only ones really making some noise about the game are those who have been lucky enough to try it, and I can now add myself to that list with this article."

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kaiserfranz1499d ago

I can't believe this game is almost here now! So excited for it.

Maddens Raiders1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

The name of this title simply kicks ass.

DarkOcelet1499d ago

Its a shame games like this , the evil within , and Alien Isolation dont get the attention they deserve unlike other games . Sigh

Alexious1499d ago

Agreed. But I think the word of mouth will be strong for all three.

patsrule3161499d ago

I think Shadow of Mordoor is getting a lot of attention. Not Destiny or Call of Duty level attention, but it is getting a lot of coverage. If you watched Spike TV at E3, it was the very first game they showed, it was a cover story for Game Informer, and generally lets face it...Tolkein's Middle Earth draws attention.

theshredded1498d ago

The Evil Within & Shadow of Mordor are doing fine but the other two not so much:
I worry for their sales especially if Aliens is good and sells poorly

MasterCornholio1498d ago

"I worry for their sales especially if Aliens is good and sells poorly"

If that happens then we have the idiots who ruined the franchise in the past to blame.

No one should make a game like Aliens Colonial Marines.

MasterCornholio1498d ago

I'm looking forward to Aliens and Shadow of Moordoor. You know what? I'm kind of happy that those games aren't getting a lot of hype because games with a ton of hype tend to dissapoint people.

As an Aliens fan I'm so happy that they managed to nail the first movies atmosphere in the game. As for Shadow of Moordoor I love Lord of the Rings and rhw Nemesis system seems to bring some innovation to the table.

There's also another game that I'm interested in that appears to be a clone of Darksouls (not bloodborne) but I can't remember what its called.

starchild1498d ago

Agreed. Shadow of Mordor and Alien Isolation are two of my very most anticipated games.

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AHV1499d ago

I'm interested in this game but I'm always a bit wary with licensed titles.

Alexious1499d ago

Well, you can wait out for review scores & general reception. Also, if you still aren't fully committed you can always wait out for a Steam sale ;)

Aurenar1499d ago

I think it will be difficult to say which will be better between this and Assassin's Creed: Unity

DarkOcelet1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

I think both will be great but my main issue with ubisoft games that the missions are repetitive , i wish one day they have the amazing variety in missions GTAV had , that would be awesome .

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