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It's somewhat ironic that Bungie makes a big deal about how "alive" Destiny is, because of all the games I've played recently, few feel quite so static and cold. Indeed, the overly hyped deal between Halo's creators and Activision has been home to all manner of pretentious attempts to call an orange a banana - it's not an MMO, it's a "shared-world shooter" in a "mythic science fiction" universe. Except it's not really those things. At its core, Destiny is an MMO, in a derivative science fiction universe.

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ramiuk11587d ago

to say so many copies have been sold,there is only ever 3-4 people on a planet.

loads of basics missed.

aggro constantly and even lvl 2 are a fight at lvl 14,its stupid.
then enemies are not greyed out when others already engaged.
default fireteam is private(stupid again)
im enjoying the game but it feels empty,very empty imo.

TimeSkipLuffy1587d ago

that is because it is not a MMO & not an RPG either. Just a shooter with multiple maps and game modes.

porkChop1587d ago

What? Destiny is most certainly an RPG, or RPS would be more accurate. It's full-on role playing.

LightofDarkness1587d ago

It's not deep enough to be full-on role-playing. It has RPG elements, like Borderlands or Bioshock, but is NOT a role-playing game.

DivoJones1587d ago

There's only 3-4 people on a planet because it's instancing when you choose that area/map. If it was a true MMO, 'World of Destiny' for example, it would be a massive everyone-in-one-place game and there'd be nothing to kill. Instead you pick an area, it matches you up with people or drops you in another players' shared area with a cap of 3 people for a mission and probably 6-8 for an open area.

Instancing has been around for a while now. Much like in WoW where you share a public area with everyone on your server, but one you go into a dungeon it's unique to your party.

3-4-51587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

I don't you guys are comprehending this game correctly.

I'd give it a 9.3/10 honestly.

* IF your looking to find things wrong with something.....YOU WILL.

* If you want to have will.

* I've enjoyed everything about this game so far. Instead of whining about what I want it to be, I'm enjoying it for what it is.

Halo + Cod + Mass Effect + World of Warcraft + Borderlands = Awesome.

* Bounties make patrols & Crucible even more interesting than they already are, and give you more incentive to get new gear quicker.

* There is so much to earn and upgrade.

* The abilities and being able to kind of customize what you want is nice in a FPS too.

* It reminds me of WoW-lite, in how it plays.

* I see people around all the time. Tons of groups of 3 wandering around.

* Once again, the new cool thing is to bash whatever is hot for the moment.

Most of the complaints are from people who want their hand held, don't like challenge, or just aren't intelligent enough to figure things out for themselves.

If you need everything in life explained to you....go play an ios distraction app.

asmith23061587d ago

I'm just gonna down vote you cause everyone else does :D

Torque_CS_Lewith1587d ago

I'm going to be a hipster and upvote you.

PONTIAC08G8GT1587d ago

5/10 is a bit harsh. I think the game is a solid 7. It's good, but not great. I was expecting more to be honest.

TimeSkipLuffy1587d ago

I have to agree with the review and exactly feel the same way about Destiny. But I hope Destiny will be better with the time and Bungie is keeping their promise to support the game and make it better and bigger.

chrissx1587d ago

7/10 is my score for destiny also

NewAgeisHere1587d ago

Most overhyped game in history....even more so than Watch Dogs. I'm a Playstation fan since PS1, but this game is a flop.Boring, repetitive and just simply not brings nothing new to the table except for nice graphics, world design and maybe customization......gameplay&am p;multiplayer however is very poor.

DeadlyOreo1587d ago

Great game. Been on the multiplayer all day, such fun .

cr33ping_death1587d ago

Only people that seem to complain about pvp are people getting their butts handed to them.

PONTIAC08G8GT1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )


So because someone doesn't like the MP they suck at it? That's like saying people who don't like football suck at catching a ball. Some people just don't like something. Personally I think the MP is pretty bad. The shooting mechanics aren't tight. People driving around in vehicles for half the match. I just feel like the MP was an afterthought. 99.9% of the time when a game has MP and SP, I play the MP the most and don't even bother with SP (BF, COD, GoW, Halo) but with this game I've got zero desire to play MP.

Johnsonparts231587d ago

@Pontiac shooting mechanics aren't tight? That's literally the one thing everyone has agreed on, that the mechanics are extremely tight and buttery smooth. There's only 2 maps right now that have vehicles and they only stay in them if the other team sucks and can't get them out. From everything they showed before the release and from my time with the game (lvl 20) its clear that MP was a huge focus and they will continue to update and improve it. There's 2 more modes coming this month and iron banner in October. No where near an afterthought. If you have no desire to play MP than I'd have to agree with the first comment and assume you just suck.

Flamingweazel1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

Agree, people defending this sum up how bad modern AAA gaming has gotten, shallow, repetitive poor design all over the place. The planets are barren and useless, missions are all the same, story is garbage..classes have no is terrible...the media is being to kind as usual.

shinrock1587d ago

Like i asked in another post, what would be the reaction if Destiny were Xbox exclusive?

IVanSpinal1587d ago

@shinrock worst, because of the PS fanboys bashing anything xbox related (im not talking about all the PS4 users, just the "fanboys") but, the game is boring

Johnsonparts231587d ago

gameplay is very poor? wtf? There isn't a game out that has better gameplay than this. If you don't like pvp that's fine but for most it's amazing. For most on comment boards it's the worst game ever lol. Trolls be trollin.

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