Details on Destiny In-Game Events Happening This Month

Sci-fi shooter Destiny was only released this week, but developer Bungie has revealed several upcoming in-game events planned for September and October.

The first of the events is named Salvage, and will be running from September 12-14. It will feature small to medium sized maps in a 3v3 setting, with guardians fighting "to claim and salvage relics" while disrupting enemy probes. Rewards include Crucible gear, marks, and reputation.

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iGAM3R-VIII1496d ago

The new Salvage playlists starts today man! I cannot wait for this! Loving Destiny so far!

3-4-51496d ago

Is salvage the 3v3 ?

This game is awesome so far.

iGAM3R-VIII1496d ago

Yea man t is awesome, love it!

Sevir1496d ago

Yeah Destiny Is so amazing! They break up the monotony by making the certain content timed special events so it generates Buzz and excitement in the game. Im loving it!

Sevir1496d ago

So combined Arms are the vehicle based Multiplayer maps. I cant wait for the level 26 raid! :) gotta get there this weekend. for sure.

TheRaven4761496d ago

As a "casual" I find I'm liking the game alot more than professional reviewers.

I'd rather have these kind of content updates and game pacing as opposed to say... WoW, where they dump a huge patch and say "That's it for a year".

I can see how people who have to play this for thier job (Or have no jobs) get tired when they start the day before the game releases and then binge with 10+ hours a day. But as someone that only plays 1-2 hours a day I haven't found it as repetative as people have complained about, and I feel like as I get to the point over a few "weeks" that reviewers got to in a few "days" this schedule will keep thing fresh.

ShowGun9011496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

i dont think this game suffers from being repetitive as much as some others do, and not nearly as much as trolls on n4g will say it does... victim of overhype? maybe, but no to me, its living up to my expectations well! im having lots of fun with it, and am hopping online as soon as i get off work to try this new mode! cant wait to get some new gear!

Baka-akaB1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

the argument from them doesnt work anyway , when they are so happy with the tedious grind from other popular games and fps , like cod

Soldierone1496d ago

When a game gets hyped it creates two problems.

1 Trolls. They could be playing the game while sitting on a forum going "it sucks" just to get attention.

2 It makes "professional" reviewers go in with a negative stick, nitpicking the game to death because everyone is so excited for it. Just look at reviews from them. A game that wasn't so hyped or already has some negativity running, has the same issues, and those issues are ignored. People don't think COD gets repetitive? GoW? Yet Destiny has you should 10 aliens and "its repetitive and dull" lol

ShowGun9011496d ago

good to see support right off the bat! gotta get to level 26 so i can try vault of glass day one! cyall in the crucible!