No, Microsoft Isn't Buying Minecraft (If They Have Any Sense)

"Over the last couple of days there’s been rumours that Xbox One manufacturer Microsoft will be buying Mojang, the developers behind the world-wide multi-console hit Minecraft.

Rumours are suggesting that Microsoft will stump up around $2 billion dollars. Two. Billion. Dollars. Think about that for a minimum of thirty seconds and you’ll soon realise what a preposterous notion it is." - TGC

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WeAreLegion1498d ago

I don't want ANYONE buying Minecraft/Majong.

WeAreLegion1498d ago

Should I have said I want EVERYONE buying Minecraft/Majong?

SteamPowered1498d ago

I think Microsoft buying RARE and then letting them dwindle should be a cautionary tale. MS should develop internally or pay someone else.

gangsta_red1498d ago

How did Rare dwindle when their most successful titles has been on the 360?

If you do some research you would see this instead of agreeing with the hive mentality of this site.

MS has been developing internally and expanding. That last sentence doesn't make sense.

redwin1498d ago

Publishing and acquisition is what MS does, that's fine with me. But like the article points out, MS is the underdog here and they are the ones making head waves . First the all online games and everyone demonized TitanFall for it, but Destiny is an all online and it's ok. Then was the tombraider and now minecraft. If it was Sony doing this it would be ok, like with NO MAN's LAND. I usually speak my mind, watch me get banded again for siding with Xbox .

SteamPowered1498d ago

Gangsta - Dudebro, when you go from Banjo-Kazoo, Perfect Dark, and Goldeneye, to Kinect Sports Rivals, there is a steep declination of quality. Personally, I love the old Rare which is why I cannot help but think that Microsoft pigeon-holed Rare into making Kinect titles. Fool me once Microsoft...

ps- I simply meant in my last line that MS should develop internally or Pay someone else to.

gangsta_red1498d ago

They also made Perfect Dark Zero, Kameo and Viva Pinata, and their Kinect games have been the most successful games they made. So to say they dwindled is very wrong.

They may not have made the games YOU personally like but that doesn't mean they dwindled.

Now that it has been confirmed that Rare is officially off Kinect type games and are working on new IP's I am more than excited to see what they have next in line.

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scark921498d ago

Well I agree with you, if this does occur, I would have wished Minecraft stayed on PC personally..

Illusive_Man1498d ago

If they do not I can guarantee Amazon or Google will.

uth111498d ago

part of me wonders if they 'leaked' the Microsoft discussions to try to trigger a bidding war.

qwerty6761498d ago

"No, Microsoft Isn't Buying Minecraft "

i was omg this is awesome

then i read the parentheses.

god these titles.

RiseGames1498d ago

Yeah I was the same, I was like " Oh thank god!" -continues reading, "oh thanks title" got my hopes up for nothing. Still hope they don't buy Mojang, I love to sit back and play Minecraft to relax on PC or PS4, I don't want Microsoft to ruin any of that.

blib1498d ago

Have a feeling it's true. Mojang has never wasted time squashing false stories about themselves. Nobody over there has said boo on the subject. 2 billion is way over valued, but with merchandising they'll easily make in the millions every year, and in a couple of decades it'll be paid for.

qwerty6761498d ago

i know and a lot of them have posted on twitter since this story dropped

and they've said "zero" things about it.

if this was false notch would have been all over twitter already.

theres definitely discussions going on.

uth111498d ago

exactly. I'd expect one or both parties try to quiet this rumor if it weren't true.

Dlacy13g1498d ago

First off...I tend to believe the Wall Street Journal over gamer blog site. So if the Wall Street Journal says they are in talks....I believe it. Will it happen? Who knows at this point, but I could see it happening.

Why it would happen is something this particular author seems a bit short sighted on. He fears they would try to annualize it and justifies it works because its timeless and that its success is based on updates and evolving the title constantly. I don't argue with that at all. However as it stands that game is still going to sell a ton on the new "next gen" machines. It will sell tons on future new devices...and in new markets like China. Having the control of the IP allows MS to put the game into devices and future markets of its choosing. And being a betting person I can say its a safe bet it will remain popular for many many more years to come.

Its a revenue generator and its a tool they can use for device offerings as well as offering it exclusive to platforms/devices in new markets like China.

ThatOneGuyThere1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

realistically, there are 2 reasons that MS would want to buy minecraft:

to stop updating it(slowly), immediately start working on "minecraft 2", release it next year exclusively on XB1 to hopefully get some people(younger generation for brand loyalty) buying XB1's


MS is getting out of the hardware game(super duper unlikely) and wants to support their move with a super strong IP with an incredibly large fanbase.

k3rn3ll1498d ago

I don't know if minecraft 2 would come in 1 year. But I can definitely see them moving the minecraft realms onto azure. Which would be pretty damn sweet for Xbox owners

ThatOneGuyThere1498d ago

what would be the advantage of azure vs... i dont know, any webserver? especially minecraft. and dont repeat some stupid marketing tech demo that doesnt exist in the real world.

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