Dubai Retailer Announces Gold Xbox One, PS4 For $13,700

There are probably many gamers out there who are drooling over the white PlayStation 4 and Xbox One units, but if you’re a little tired of black or white consoles, how does the idea of gold consoles sound to you? Nope, we’re not talking about a gold paint job, but rather a console made from actual gold!

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GarrusVakarian1524d ago

Yeah, that's just what I want, a console made out of a substance that conducts heat really well. Seems smart.

voicingofreason1524d ago

Wouldn't it help with the cooling? Surely it'd be like a giant heat sink. That being said I still think it's a bloody stupid idea.

Spotie1524d ago

Just means more surface area to dissipate the heat, right? Right?

yankolo1524d ago

Yeah the best conductor of heat and

Jrmy841524d ago

Kinda Like those gold phones for uber rich people. Diamonds are the perfect conductors of heat if I'm not mistaken, that's what we all use on our CPU/GPUs well part of the mix anyway.

CerealKiller1523d ago

The case is gold plated, not fully made of gold for those who are worried about heat conductivity.

Also I really don't think this is a bad investment for gaming fans with money, it is a console that will potentially increase in value as time goes on. Someone just has to figure out the actual value of the gold plating to see how much the company is ripping you off.