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These days, it’s hard enough for a game developer to take a chance on developing a brand new IP, even more so when said developer is already known for another popular IP. Such is the situation Bungie, the studio that created the Halo shooter franchise, faces with the release of its new sci-fi shooter title Destiny. It’s obvious that Destiny‘s publisher Activision has a lot of faith in the IP (the millions of dollars it has invested in the title is proof enough of that) but even for a seasoned studio like Bungie, striking lighting twice is no easy feat. Destiny is an ambitious title that blends online multiplayer and story-centric single-player elements but do these elements come together in a cohesive and engaging experience? And, perhaps more importantly, is Destiny fun enough to justify Bungie’s efforts?

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pinkcrocodile751499d ago

Hmm less of a review more of a high level "Howto" document.

I'd much prefer a real indepth opinion of the reviewers experience than a high level glossing presented here.

I'm enjoying the game though to be honest I probably shouldn't have read it as there are a few things that I would class as spoilers. I'm a sucker of surprises.