Sony insists Vita is here to stay

You'd be forgiven for thinking Sony had given up on the Vita - at least in the west - after its no-show at the company's major press conferences this year. But according to Sony's UK boss the handheld console is here to stay.

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360ICE1549d ago

Poor Sony. They've tried so hard to pull the plug on Vita, but it just won't go quietly.

I mean, you're not even going to make a new Loco Roco or God of War for this thing? CanLego Batman 3 really save the console? I feel like games like Danganronpa, and the thousands of PlayStation brands might to do that.

nodim1549d ago

Sony is obviously continuing the development of new vita-games in Japan so never say never for LocoRoco.

360ICE1549d ago

I would love that. Right now they only have Gravity Rush 2 in development, while Freedom Wars is being localised. I applaud Sony for always making new franchises, but it's frankly strange that they've got nothing from one of their big franchises coming up.

Get High Impact games on the case.

MegaRay1549d ago

Nobody can kill the Vita. Even Sony :P

Protagonist1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )


"Poor Sony. They've tried so hard to pull the plug on Vita, but it just won't go quietly."

WTF are you talking about? Sony never did such to read the article before you comment?

"There's a perception that it's fading away. I can absolutely assure you that that's not happening. It's proving remarkably resilient. We enter the peak season very optimistic about hitting similar or bigger numbers to last year. So we feel in good shape."

360ICE1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

Well, you're missing the point. My point was that this is Sony basically saying that even though they haven't given Vita any love, it remarkably is still doing ok, as opposed to Sony promising that they're gonna support it.

For example: In the quote you posted, notice how Sony aren't saying "We're gonna support it more" or something like that. They're just happy that it's not dead.

I'm not saying that they're literally trying to stop it. That was just a hyperbole. Obviously, they'd stop making it if that were the case.

I just find Sony's approach to be a little weird. It was basically a no-show at E3 and Gamescom, and instead of giving us the usual "It's not over yet -- we'll give you more games", they're saying "It's not over yet -- it's still selling somehow".

vanity291549d ago

bunch of games shown at the pre tgs conference though so that should be sufficient for skipping e3 etc. Even Otome games for the female gamers who like that stuff lol. and a pink vita for everyone too! lmao

dcj05241549d ago

Heard of TGS? The Pre-show already had a bunch

360ICE1548d ago

We didn't really see much in terms of Sony games. But, yes, at least it showed up there. I'm not sure how much of it we'll ever see in EU and North America, though, so I can't say that that makes up for skipping on E3 and Gamescom.

A bunch of first party titles? Nope. But, yes, there are third party developers supporting it, as already established in the article.

joeorc1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )


"I just find Sony's approach to be a little weird. It was basically a no-show at E3 and Gamescom, and instead of giving us the usual "It's not over yet -- we'll give you more games", they're saying "It's not over yet -- it's still selling somehow". "

Think about this point though, the Majority now this is not mainly talking about owners of the playstation Vita, in the west the majority of gamers online have stated..

a:The memory cards price , and it not being a regular SD is holding me back from buying the system.
B: The AAA Game's that have been released for the majority of them are "watered down PS3 ports" and by that i would rather play those on the PS3 anyway with a much larger screen to boot.

Those really are what has shaped the perception of the playstation Vita in the west, even releasing more AAA games many ask for GTA, God of War...the fact is those by the "Majority of gamer's" will be seen as watered down ports.

So why do you think Sony created the playstation TV for?
what many gamers in the west keep asking for Sony to really do is make something like the Playstation TV not the playstation Vita, by the very main two complaints above, there was really no other way to gather more 3rd party Support, to make games with the main complaint is it will be seen as a "watered down Port machine anyway"

3rd party publishers want to get the highest return on the development assets they have made when they make a game, the playstation Vita's hardware is able to handle some really high end assets that are close aligned to that of a living room console more than a Mobile only device, but on the same token Before 3rd party development can make more unique experiences for such a platform, many in the west for development want to reuse such PS3 assets they used in development of games they made. but as you can see many of the complaints are its "just a watered down port"

Sony for good reason has decided to shift those resources to mainly indie, and playstation Tv.
which , has a much better chance to change the perception of the Playstation Vita for development, a as a platform.

they even removed the name "Vita" from its name, by making the Micro-Game console the main resource priority for playstation Vita development, Sony has pretty much relaunched the playstation Vita.

But with in an area fro growth, because unlike the playstation Vita, the playstation TV will be in a area where the market leader who even after over 7 years on the market still has not sold over 30 million units and that is Apple with its Apple TV. by Moving the playstation Vita platform to such a market where Nintendo and Microsoft have no such product, Sony is poised to expand "Playstation" into such a market, and with such the deal with Viacom and other's support for the playstation Vita as a platform, its no wonder its not going away as a platform.

yes the playstation Vita getting AAA support directly is most likely not going to happen, but with playstation TV though, that could very well give playstation Vita support Indirectly, because after all playstation TV is still a Playstation Vita at its core,

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Protagonist1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

Double post?

souldestroyer141549d ago

Wish I never bought that pos

Bigkurz851549d ago

I'm calculating a 77% probability that you don't even own a vita and are just trolling.

stavrami-mk21549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

This made me lol ^^ can u do the proper equation to show how u got your percentage? But anyway, yea I love my vita theres alot more games than ppl think but alot are indies, I like indies but to many are platform/puzzles as I imagine there easier to develop and it not a fave genre of mine

ger23961549d ago

I feel your pain, a lot of people aren't happy with their Xbox purchase.

Spotie1549d ago

But all the haters and trolls say it's dead and there are no games and Sony should give up.

I think I'd be better off listening to people that only want to down the Vita, rather than the company that would like to see it do well, so they could at least profit from it.

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