How big is big? The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus size chart

The monster iPhone 6 Plus makes most phablets look like a smartphone for ants. And the iPhone 6 is no slouch either, dwarfing its teeny iPhone 5S predecessor.

So how do these phones stack up to other gadgets and gizmos you might have lying around the house?

To help you get an idea, we put to-scale images of the two devices up against other phones, phablets, and handheld consoles.

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Yi-Long1549d ago

I've got the 5.5 inch One+ One phone, and I quite like that size. It would be uncomfortable when your outside all the time and would like to carry the phone in your pants, but I'm usually at home, and whenever I go out I just throw in it my bag.

It's a nice comfortable size. :)