EA: We're Not Bidding on Take-Two for Just GTA IV

The back-and-forth between Electronic Arts and Take-Two is still going, and it'll continue until somebody gives in. During an annual stock conference by William Blair & Company, EA CEO John Riccitiello said that his company's on-going bid for Take-Two is not just about Grand Theft Auto IV.

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Breakfast3776d ago

Yeah guys....they wanna kill all Take-Twos games....not just GTA

BigKev453776d ago

Yeah, we know this already.

Seraphim3775d ago

yeah, they don't just want GTA. They want MLB so they can hold the exclusive rights to ALL Major League SPORTS games. And probably butcher Bioshock and dump Midnight Club in the process... EA, give up, worry about your own crappy games.

Whoooop3775d ago

No... You're bidding just for greed.


doshey3775d ago

because u cant stand to see a good game on the market that is third party and makes u guys look like sh!T

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