New iPhones "on par with next-generation consoles" - Gibeau

EA Mobile head weighs in potential of Apple's latest, already has people prototyping for Watch

Frank Gibeau and his team at EA Mobile spent their Tuesday like a lot of other tech enthusiasts: Grumbling about the quality of Apple's stream of the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch reveal.

The group gathered en masse in a conference room, as it does with every Apple reveal, to watch a broadcast that faded in and out (and occasionally came through in Chinese). But while the rest of us were gnashing our teeth in frustration, the mobile teams were already riffing on ideas about what they could do with the technology being introduced.

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imXify1500d ago

PS3/360 maybe, like the Tegra K1. But the PS4 ? Lmao.

ABizzel11500d ago


I know, and I wish they stop with the BS.

They the same in the sense that both have CPUs, GPUs, RAM, a Motherboard, Storage, a case, etc... Yes these are facts, EA, Apple, etc...

I game on my phone often, but it's in no way comparable to the PS4 or XBO hardware wise, and in the case of the iPhone 6 it's not on par with the PS360 either.

nX1500d ago

I want what the guys at EA are smoking, it's like they are stoned 24/7. iPhones are not even the most powerful mobiles on the market, how should they even come close to outputting 1,84 tFLOPS when better devices fail miserably?

Army_of_Darkness1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

Even if they were on par, I still don't have any interest playing a console quality game on a stinking small screen... Speaking of which, I doubt that the iPhone games would even be at the level of console games.
Can anyone even picture a game like the last of us on an iPhone?? Lmfao

zeee1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

I think this discussion of cellphones catching up to consoles should be done already. People have spoken with their wallets by purchasing millions of PS4/Xbox One and Wii U consoles and there is no way in hell that true gamers are ever going to consider mobile platforms as gaming machines.

mikeslemonade1500d ago

Mobile and tablet game needs to tank. We need more hardcore games or core game machines.

AndrewLB1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

Apple's new A8 SOC has over 2 billion transistors which is seriously impressive considering an Intel Haswell CPU has only 1.4 billion. Intel's Haswell that includes the Iris Pro GPU weighs in around 2 billion. And we know that Iris Pro is pretty darn powerful for what it is and can do 831 gflops which is 1/2 as powerful as a PS4. If Apple's new A8 is faster than Iris Pro like I've read, then it could be pretty close to the Xbone in performance and since IOS is such a tiny operating system compared to these new consoles, the overhead must also be quite small.

Part of the reason why the A8 is able to be that powerful is it is manufactured using the latest 20nm process by TSMC. This greatly reduces its size as well as power consumption.

I'm not saying it's as fast as a PS4. But I have a feeling that this new chip is a lot faster than people seem to think it is. In fact, the iPhone 6 Plus is confirmed to render at 1242x2208 (3x retina) and downscale to 1080p which is it's display resolution. That means the new GPU has some serious juice.

Edit: The standard iPhone 6 uses a PowerVR GX6650 which puts out about 500gflops @ 400mhz. The thing is, the iP6 runs it's GPU at 650mhz, so the gflops will be substantially higher, close to 800gflops.

That being the case, the 6+ uses a 6-way compared to the standard 6's 4-way design. So add 50% to the flops which puts the 6+ at 1.2tflops.

Not bad for a phone. Last i checked, that was Xbone territory. And keep in mind... this new A8 chip is actually MODERN technology. It's not a 3 year old tech like AMD served up for these consoles.

ABizzel11499d ago



"Part of the reason why the A8 is able to be that powerful is it is manufactured using the latest 20nm process by TSMC. This greatly reduces its size as well as power consumption."

That part is true, for it's size and power draw the A8 is a beastly little CPU, and comparable to many Dual Core desktop CPUs. The CPU and GPU are 25% and 50% more powerful than the A7 which are Apple's words. In real world performance the CPU should very well be 25% more powerful, but the GPU will be more like 30% (since real-world GPU performance is NEVER 100% of it's theoretical max).

However, the GPU portion of your comment is completely wrong GFLOP wise. Rumors are the A8 is using GX6630 which is simply adding 2 more GPU cores to it's A7 GPU (aka theoretical 50% boost), GX6450 (which makes a lot of sense seeing how they went with the 4-core version of the 6430 for the A7), or the GX6650 which is also possible.

The thing is the 6650 at best is on par with Tegra K1, which is nowhere near a 800 - 900 GFLOP GPU. At it's highest core clocks (1.2 GHz) it's a 500 GFLOP GPU, however, that level of power consumption won't work inside of a Phone, a Tablet possibly, a laptop absolutely. So going by the clocks you provided the A8's GPU should be about 170 GFLOPS for the iPhone 6 and around 270 GFLOPS for the iPhone 6+. At 300 MHz it runs at the same performance of the previous A7 115.2 GFLOPS. So at 400MHz it's highly likely that the 6650 is indeed the GPU, but with a 400MHz clock rate it's nowhere near PS360 performance let alone PS4 or XBO.

The Razer Edge Pro is a 10" $1,000 gaming tablet, and featuring a GT 640m (a near 500 GFLOP GPU at only 600MHz), i5 3317U, 4GB RAM. How on earth do you expect an iPhone 6 to outperform something like that with that small size and cost about $600 no contract.

UltimateMaster1499d ago

Apple's iPhones now come with built-in Blu-Ray discs containing games of 50Gb each./s

UltimateMaster1499d ago

The Xbox One has 5 billion transistors and it's weaker than the PS4.
When they said: "On par with current gen consoles" they meant the Wii U.


the last article states that these iphones wsill run games at higher res than NEXT GEN consoles. Lol not only it false since on the official site it clearly states that the iphone 6 will have a res of 1334×750 and the iphone Plus has a res of 1080p which and this is the res of current gen not NEXT GEN. also this really very laughable, iphones have to get real games to start with:

AliTheSnake11499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

Are you all forgetting the fact that an Iphone 6 with only 16gb is $649 (without a contract) . If you add to the PS4 (which is $399) $250 worth of GPU and CPU. It will be on par with the High end expensive Gaming PC big time.

ScottyHoss1499d ago

Yes and the Android master race will have 4k /s where does EA find people that dumb to work for them?

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ShinMaster1500d ago

Then I expect games Arkham Knight to run and play just as well on a 720p iPhone 6 as a PS4... lmao who am I kidding.

aCasualGamer1500d ago

When i see it hooked up to a 1080p monitor fully capable of running games like Infamous: Second son, Driveclub, Ryse, Forza Horizon 2 at the same frame and resolution as PS4/XBO then i'll believe it...

Dark111500d ago

I agree
Harry potte..i mean gibeau doesn't know what he's talking about

Muzikguy1500d ago

The PS5?! That's next gen as far as I know

iTechHeads1500d ago

Not even. If they were that powerful we'd see more console games being ported over. The big limiting factor is that battery. Consoles don't have to worry about that.

Magicite1499d ago

"on par with next-generation consoles", so they mean on par with PS5 and other next-gen consoles. /s!

Dirtnapstor1499d ago

It's easy when your screen is no bigger than your hand!

silvacrest1499d ago

i highly doubt its even on par with a tegra K1. the A8 is STILL a dual core SoC, yet we are supposed to believe that the GPU is on the PS3/360 level??

no...just no

fr0sty1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

The CPU benchmarked barely better than iphone 5's, and the GPU wasn't much of an improvement either (what improvements there were have been attributed to the metal API more than the hardware). We might see Xbox 360 level visuals out of it, but I doubt it.

This is 2012 phone tech repackaged with an apple logo.

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ZeroX98761500d ago

lol what?!?!?!

first the iphone 6 (not plus) is 720p, already not on par.

Forn1500d ago

You don't need the /s in there ;-)

Firebird3601500d ago

X1 is actually really nice, it's your loss if you pass on it.

Trekster_Gamer1500d ago

Leave it to a pathetic troll Rowdiustroll.. to start yet another XB1 vs Ps3 war…

CocoWolfie1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

i find that hard to believe?.. i know one thing for sure though and paraphrasing a youtuber, mobile games are basically throw away games.. theyre there for your 5 minuet bus ride and thats all. and know most games that aren't free to play dont last long on the app store, so good luck with winning over the people who like to come home and play on a wide screen tv or monitor of a game that uses buttons

TimeSkipLuffy1500d ago

Unfortunately the games on the mobile phone will run out of space before they can play big games that currently require up to the size limit of a Bluray. No one is going to pay Apple's GB prices just to install a hefty 40GB game on the smartphone :D

Muzikguy1500d ago

No kidding! The 128GB iPhone6 Plus is $949 for crying out loud. Let me see here... PS4 has 500GB HDD.... That would put a 500GB iPhone6 around $2000!! Then you have no physical controller, no customizable OS, only 1GB RAM... These articles are just so ridiculous

silvacrest1499d ago

dont forget battery life, iphones are notorious for having terrible battery and thats before gaming