10 Astounding Tales Which Exemplify Dwarf Fortress’ Insanity

Even in the day and age where entire video game communities can be built upon personal modding and the indie scene is booming, it’s safe to say there’s nothing quite like Dwarf Fortress. Despite spawning a fair number of imitators, not one has yet to capture the same staggering difficulty curve, insane level of detail, sheer madness nor the charm which comes from a minimalist graphics set and almost inaccessible interface. Almost the entire community of Bay 12’s Forums is driven by accomplishing the impossible and discovering the new exploits with every new version of the game. From attempting to convert an entire ocean into one massive mermaid farm to abusing a programming bug which turns drawbridges into atom smashing weapons of war, there’s seemingly no end to the creative madness both behind the game and among its players.

So, to celebrate its unique nature, here’s a collection of stories from both the community and development side of things which could never have taken place in any other title. A few so unique, so mind-bendingly mad that any other game would need to completely script entire events to come anywhere close to replicating these events. Here’s ten astounding tales which exemplify Dwarf Fortress’ insanity.

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