Let’s face it, Japan doesn’t really care about consoles anymore

Games in Asia: With the release of the Xbox One’s first week of sales in Japan, I was quick to reach for sales numbers for the Playstation 4, Wii U, 3DS, and even Playstation Vita to put those numbers into context. Knowing that Japan wasn’t necessarily the Xbox capital, I still considered the country synonymous with console gaming at large. A quick glance at the numbers betrays the outdatedness of that notion.

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Ballsack1499d ago

Ps4 and wii u are still selling...

Kayant1499d ago


*At rest of the generation*

Sales will get better for PS4 with Japanese titles but it's still going to be small. Cannot comment on Wii U.

Ravenheartzero1499d ago

Way too early to tell imo. There are over 10 million ps3's in Japanese homes atm, that's a huge install and fan base. Agreed more games that appeal to Japanese gamers will drive sales (FF15, KH3, DQH) even more so if Xbox one sales don't improve as the ps4 will have more exclusivity, I just think this topic should be discussed in a few years time.

amnalehu1498d ago

After the TGS the PS4 is going to become a very hot item in Japan. Sooooo many new games are going to be announced. Here is some of what we have to look forward to:

ABizzel11498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

I think Japan is pretty much a lost case now, it'll offer a nice boost the the Wii U and PS4 sales overall, but it looks like the struggle to reach 10m for both consoles is going to be real, unless the heavy hitters (Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, etc...) makes the sales of these consoles jump.

So far when they're averaging 8,000 per week (Wii U), and 6,000 per week (PS4).

When a Japanese exclusive comes out those numbers generally go a bit over 2x 16,000 - 20,000 (Wii U), 12,000 - 15,000 (PS4).

And those number even account for huge games like Mario Kart 8 launching on Wii U, and Final Fantasy 14 launching on PS4. Which overall proves to me that Japan is almost Tier 2 market now for consoles. You can sell a handheld like crazy, but a console not so much.

When a masterpiece like The Last of Us is outsold by some BS like Bullet Girls.

I'll wait to see what TGS brings, but if things don't change then Japan has become a lost cause in my eyes. It's time to take gaming to China.

GordonKnight1498d ago

People are only saying this because the Wii U is out selling the PS4 in Japan.

noctis_lumia1498d ago

wait till ff15 KH3 and ofc dragon quest heroes are released and say that again

BitbyDeath1498d ago

VR might change things up a bit

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jackanderson19851499d ago

If you want to go down that route I believe the 360 is still selling a handful of consoles.

The numbers for consoles are dire. Handhelds rule the roost.

Kayant1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

More like mobile ;) but yh true. It's mobile/handheld over there.

"I believe the 360 is still selling a handful of consoles." - Nice handful of 126 units.

Evilsnuggle1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

It's way too early to call D.O.A on
Home consoles in Japan. Consoles are not selling in Japan because of lack of software. When games that the appeal to the Japanese consumers are released then sells will improve.

jrshankill1498d ago


Why does everyone have this notion that Japenese gamers only play RPGs? Surely we are not that stereotypical? It wouldn't be fair to say all western gamers only care about FPS and sports games.

Ravenheartzero1498d ago

I don't believe it's all they play, it's just RPG's are very popular in Japan, especially Dragon quest and monster hunter

joab7771498d ago

Let's wait a bit until they have the software that they want. The west is targeted first.

3-4-51498d ago

Meanwhile....Japan will buy Millions of copies of Super Smash Brothers Wii U.

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Geobros1499d ago

Its true that console sales are down in Japan. Japanese look like they prefer handheld for their video games.

Geekman1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Then the Japanese are the exact opposite of me. I mean I like handhelds but there's no possible way I'd take it over a console.

MeteorPanda1499d ago

when you are so densely populated and everyone embraces gaming..yeah, l'd go handheld too, their 3g or 4g whatever they use, is so ahead of the rest of the world, friend said they had a faster connection in a train there then their cable back home

when phones, tablets, vitas and 3ds are show anime graphics just as well as a tv, l don't blame them. Anime and cell shade don't need much in terms of graphics.

hkgamer1499d ago

wouldnt simplify it as like what you said. but thats mainly right.

also like to say that apartments in japan/tokyo tend to be small, so staying indoors is less likely. its rare to call people out to your home to chill, you would most likely meet out somewhere instead.

however, i think internet is pretty quick in peoples homes and i also think that they still game on consoles. just next gen hasnt beeen to attractive for them yet. maybe wait until ffxv.

level 3601499d ago

The thing with Japan is they deal with a lot of other tech-related items, gadgets and other oddities were game console is just a small slice of a much bigger pie/cake or whatever.

gano1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

Here we go...
If you are not said culture, please stop speaking for them.
If nobody wants that shyt system leave it be.
Hell not everyone in the states want it either.
These ******* articles man...
If its not downing nintendo, its about that shooter game, if not that
then this.

It shows who really are not gamers....

Edit: maybe they are bomarded by western standards,
and are trying to get 500mil and 2bil deals/payouts too.
Having to many people tell you what to do from what you used to do is very

MeteorPanda1499d ago

you read the article? the sales are down cause there's an increase in handhelds, it's not bashing in any way nor judging, it's a observation article with what l think, the best puns heard in a while, lol.

don't bring hate to a place really not intending to. take a chill pill.

CBaoth1499d ago

Wow because I'm not Japanese I can't comment on the situation? Do you sincerely believe the console market is healthy there? Sony in the 6th gen sold almost as many units by themselves in Japan as the entire 7th gen did (24mil vs 25mil)? How can 3rd parties justify larger budgets if the install base isn't there?

Demon's Souls, Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story, White Knight Chronicles 2, and Pandora's Tower were all JRPGs published by Nintendo and Sony that wouldn't have seen NA releases if 3rd parties hadn't stepped in. So you see amigo this DOES directly affect me!

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