Security for the Next Gen Consoles

Everyone who's just launched themselves into the new generation of gaming with the Xbox One or the PS4 will know that their console's security is paramount – and luckily, peripheral masters Beyond Gaming Industries have the answer to all your prayers, with their brand new System Integrated Dock – or S.I.D. for short.

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jackanderson19851496d ago

Should be noted the SID provides absolutely zero protection from anything. It's just a semi customisable casing to make your console look good

Volkama1496d ago

Side topic, how are people finding the parental controls on their respective systems?

I have the xbox with the kinect, and the controls are pretty close to perfect. Quite granular and flexible, and the kinect sign-in really enhances it.

I don't have a ps4 yet, but that will also be in my living room with 2 youngsters. How do the parental controls compare?

hello121496d ago

x box had already got good security, you just have to set up, so nobody can hack your account.

Blues Cowboy1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

This is a copy-pasted press release. As in, word for word.

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