With a PS4 gamepad and DS4 to Xinput wrapper, the console vs PC arguments are officially over

Trying in vein to get the PS4 controller to play ball with your PC? Then read this article and find out how to get your PS4 gamepad working with every Xbox 360 gamepad compatible PC game on the market.

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Jdoki1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

'officially' over... Didn't realise gearburn were the authority on proclaiming the console vs PC fanboy war over!

All this time the arguments could have been ended, if ONLY PC gamers had a controller!? Who knew!

And please, check your articles before publishing... vein is not the same as vain.

Article may be of some use to people, but clickbait title gets a WTF on N4G from me.

TWB1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

Lol yes, pretty sure gamepads have been a thing for PC games for some time now.

Besides, you probably already own a PS4 if you own a DS4 (because why would you own a DS4 and get it unofficialy work with your PC when you can buy a gamepad that officialy works on the PC ?) so why would console vs PC debate even matter to you ? You already can have best of the both worlds.

kneon1523d ago

Back in the stone age when I was gaming on an Apple ][ there were no mice, your options were keyboard, gamepad or joystick.

morganfell1523d ago

The PS4 controller has worked with the PC since last year.

Just hooking a gamepad to a PC game and playing it isn't the same thing unless the PC has a gamepad setup built in. Coding in the game tunes the pad. You just do not plug it on as a KB/M replacement.


I got the titanfall controlelr for PC and it doesn't have trigger rumble enabled since the drivers aren't up yet and the games doesn't have the code to support it on PC too, the same with DS4, game won't support all DS4 features. SO NO, it isn't over. Very silly.

morganfell1523d ago

Aiming mechanisms in console titles are wholly different than for KB/M. People can disagree if they want but simply substituting a gamepad doesn't provide console pad interfacing in the same manner.

StockpileTom1523d ago

I bought a DS4 on the DS4 launch day, still don't have a PS4 but I will be getting one for Bloodborne. DirectInput to XInput wrappers have been a thing for a while now. This article seems almost pointless as any competent gamer would at least have the problem solving prowess to just Google it. Those who wanted to do this but haven't figured it out yet probably shouldn't be trusted with a PC.

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Askanison41523d ago

That's a lot of messing around with drivers.

The 360 pad works via usb and wireless, and the XONE pad works via usb - both out of the box. Why not just grab a 360 pad on the cheap? Or a second-hand XONE pad? They're excellent controllers.

Granted, they lack the touch pad which is nice but I don't think any PC games would be using that...

Then again, if you have a DS4 already this is a nice option to have. I would hardly say it's a game changer though :S

SniperControl1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

"That's a lot of messing around with drivers"

No there's not, It literally takes seconds to install the drivers, overall it takes around 2 mins to get full functionality for the DS4.

If you want to customise the pad further ie: light colours, rumble strength, Touchpad sensitivity, it takes around 10 mins.
I currently have my DS4 light set as the battery meter and use the touchpad as a mouse.

I have been using this programme and a DS4 since last November on my PC.

EDIT: Just realised, the article does not even mention wireless, If the PC has bluetooth, pair the DS4 with your PC first, the wrapper will pick up the DS4 via BT.

Askanison41523d ago

Yeah I know it's only seconds to set up but for someone who isn't savvy that's not really an option. I once tried to get a relative to set up the 360 controller (it originally needed a separate driver install) and that was a nightmare.

It's cool that you can customise all the functionality though. The lightbar/battery indicator is a great idea.

NiteX1523d ago

The 360 controller never needed separate drivers, unless you're still using XP or something equally as old.

TWB1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

And the thing is, after you get your PS3/4 controller to work with the PC by using this XInput wrapper your PC just recognizes the gamepad as a generic 360 type gamepad for windows (this doesnt do anything to the controller itself so no worries there)

For example if I press the home button on my PS3 controller when its connected to my PC it gives me the 360 icon in the middle of the screen telling me what # player I am and such.

So the point is... You are better off buying a 360 pad. XInput wrapper was made as a better alternative for motionjoy and for the people who already own these controllers.

SniperControl1523d ago

Oh man, motionjoy was a major pain in the ass, if your internet ever dropped, you could not use MJ.

I did buy a wireless 360 pad for the PC but didnt last very long, just found it not very ergonomic in my hands and also the left stick position gave me major thumb ache after about an hour of gaming, thats when i found MJ and started using that instead, just bought a cheap DS3 from ebay.

bluzone1523d ago

@TWB actually the point is u can now use the DS4 which is far more accurate than the 360 controller and you don't then need to purchase the 360 pad or dongel.

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HungTravis1523d ago

The DS4 to Xinput Wrapper they recommend using is old and no longer supported.

They are other devs that are working on their own branch.

On this forum their is a dev called Jays2Kings his branch is updated regularly with bug fixes and he is adding new features as well.

hkgamer1523d ago

If only fanboy wars were over a simple controller.

We could barely say which console is stronger ps3vs360 ps4vsxbone. How can we compare with PC which has a million different possibilities?

Spotie1523d ago

Well, most of us know which console is stronger in those comparisons.

USMC_POLICE1523d ago

This is old news been doing this for months can be done in under a minute.

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