New HD TVs from Sony and Philips

Philips have launched a new range of HD TVs including an Eco range and what they dub their 'Ultimate' range. Sony has AGAIN released more HD TVs. This time it's the S4000 series headed for North America. All these new TVs are LCD based and some have up to 120Hz, making them great (arguably) for gaming. Both the Philips and Sony models have a new curved frame design as well. reports.

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whateva3772d ago

because the old tv prices will go down and I can get a highend 1080P HD TV for $1,000 in a few months for MY PS3

Isaac3772d ago

Will probably just be PSN titles. 120fps probably costs too much

SafeRat3772d ago

120Hz is NOT 120fps. It simply means the screen refreshes 120 times a second, which then doubles each frame (if a game's running at 60fps). Frame interpolation is when the tv 'guesses' what frame should be inbetween. Put simply, 120Hz is nothing to do with 120fps.

SafeRat3772d ago

We've known about these TV's since Feburary

likeaboss3023772d ago

I had the Phillips 42" 7403 for awhile and it was trash. The TV had a lot of bugs and doesn't even have a backlight adjustment. Work those things out and it's a nice budget set since SAMS had them for $1198.00

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