Destiny review: the future of games remains locked in the past | The Guardian

Bungie has reached for the stars with its gigantic space opera, but much of the experience is rooted in long established conventions

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THC CELL1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

4 out of 5 is a joke

The game is a step down from halo
Static enemy's
Boss battles eat time
Limited multiplayer ( weekly 100 point bla bla)
This game has borrowed from many other games and has nothing original.
Boring maps
Peter is the wrong man for voice
Dumb boring Ai u can learn the Ai in 2 rounds run back and kill them after u recharge your health.

I love bungie and halo but taking some of the elements from halo come on where the cool physics and why can't we drive everything or fly round these sized matches in our ships. Game is a time burglar even holding triangle robs you of time.
I'd say resistance 2 is better than this game by far. It halo stepped down with a different skin. The delayed reviews are a joke too. 3 out of 5

FriedGoat1496d ago

Wow so passionate. Just because your beloved Bungie has gone multiplat.
Having much more fun with ths than I did halo 4. Thank god Marty did the soundtrack, I love his music. Hope all are having fun!

LightofDarkness1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

That's a flimsy excuse for the criticism at this stage. This game is just not what it was cracked up to be, and even though I was trepidus after the beta, I still gave it the benefit of the doubt. I traded it in while it was still worth something. There's just nothing to this game and nothing that makes me want to keep playing it in the next day, never mind the next 10 years.

DeadlyOreo1496d ago

I'm having way more fun on this than I have on any Halo game. I've never been a big fan of Halo though to be honest. This game has not let me down, definitely worth the money. Really cannot understand the hate, we finally get a great game and people just hate on it. This is what's wrong with gaming, the community are never happy,

THC CELL1496d ago

Halo 4 is a joke yes the 1.2 reach amazing

die_fiend1496d ago

Lol step down from Halo. I think not.

Halo really isn't all that. Maybe it was on the original Xbox, but all it is now is a lifeline for Microsoft

HaveSumNuts1496d ago

"The future of games remain locked in the DLC", you mean.

ShowGun9011496d ago

well, so far its only been announced to have 2 dlc packs, which actually means (if thats for the year) it will have less dlc packs than BF or COD... thats a good thing right?

Jdoki1496d ago

I have been a big defender of Destiny since the Alpha and Beta.

I do still think it is a hugely fun game, but the longevity concerns me now I have played the final release for a good few hours.

I think it suffers because Bungie have spread themselves too thin... Making it cross-gen was a mistake in my opinion. Being able to focus on PS4 / XB1 would have allowed them to make a much better game.

The AI is pretty dumb, and seems entirely based around dodge moves. Occasionally it does something interesting, but in general it's so easy to beat them, and I only struggle when overwhelmed with opponents, not because they do anything intelligent.

Bungie is going to have to keep feeding in the content rapidly to hold interest (and to be fair the two expansions, plus all the extra events planned for Sept / Oct that they just announced do sound fun)

The key to Destiny, for me, will be how long my friends stay interested. Where Destiny really shines is in the Fireteam / Raid modes - my pool of friends playing is already quite small, so if I struggle to find 5 people for the end-game I can't see me sticking with it.

As it stands, as much as I love the game, I would say it's a low 8 out of 10 (at the moment - but has potential for much more).

THC CELL1496d ago

Wow, more fun on this than halo stfu. I hate defending a xbox game I expect better than this for bungie spec the budget that gone into this game.. Halo has its own grounds and bungie can't even top it's own creation..

Halo had jeeps when blew up and wheels hit I or any other parts that blew off em and hit u would damage u and may even kill u. Lock on rockets. Duel wield. Sticky nades that give u a wow when u stick someone. Snipers no scopes that u would Buzz off. Even Ai is better in halo. This game is all wrong.. They have a great network going and prob the smoothest online game to ever launch the rest well hey they have our money now. Game will upgrade over time il be on planetside 2 by then.

ShowGun9011496d ago

lol ok, first, hovering vehicles don't have wheels... having wheels is a pro now?

lock on weapons you dont have to aim are a pro now?

dual wield is cool i'll give ya that!

destiny has sticky grenades (try playing the game)

no scoping people is a pro now?

everything you listed is OPINION, i think destiny is better than halo, thats MY opinion. you seem set to bash it no matter what... at least if you're going to do it, calm down and make a better argument than a huge run-on sentence.

just remember, while you're online screaming to everybody that will listen that their new favorite passtime is garbage, they really dont care... as soon as im off work, im hopping into the crucible and shotgunning some fools! i'll be sure to think of you!

jcnba281496d ago

I recommend Destiny to anyone who just likes to shoot things... repeatedly.

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