Dying Light - the game that offers the broadest range of possibilities in terms of in-game movement

MWEB GameZone writes: "How you move through Dying Light becomes an expression of your personality and playstyle. This freedom of movement is something we've not yet seen in a video game."

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plut0nash1499d ago

Love the free running :)

HanCilliers1499d ago

Looks really amazing. Has there been any video game with such freedom of movement?

plut0nash1499d ago

Mirror's Edge was one, that was pretty flexible.

Dannycr1499d ago

*Wearing a "Dying Light t-shirt at this moment.

Need to see more of Dead Island 2 to decide. Movement is what Dying Light has the major difference between Dead Island and Dying Light, Coop is nice, but will need to compare features . I don't think I will both games unless one of them shows a radical difference between the two.

Sillicur1499d ago

Same, i am super jelly :(

Sillicur1499d ago

Some high quality zombie games coming out at least, for a fan of the genre i am super happy.

Note: Gimme your shirt!!!!

plut0nash1499d ago

The problem isn't zombies, but how they're implemented :)

phoenixwake1499d ago

I played a bit of Dying Light and Dead Island 2 at PAX last week. Despite Technland getting a lot of flak for bugs and stability, the Dying Light alpha seemed to have a lot more atmosphere and polish. I think the parkour/free running adds a whole new element to the gameplay and brings a lot of new ideas and scenarios on to the table. Weirdly, the booth I played Dying Light on was almost empty, and wasn't hyped anywhere. I literally just walked up to it and played.

Dead Island 2 was a different story. Though clearly labelled Alpha, this game should not have been on display. I started playing an the game seemed to struggle along at a 20-30fps limp. It looked good enough. Bright, colorful and definitely more upbeat than the moody atmosphere of Dying Light. Then the problems set in. I would hack and hack and hack at enemies to no avail. Literally my console seemed to ignore all attacks except for backstabs or explosions. Probably a bug. Then the framerate issues ramped up. Lower and lower until I started counting 1-1,000, 2-1,000 in my head. And by my rough estimate it was running at literally 1-2fps. Then it crashed to desktop with one minute of demo time still on the clock. Most of this will most likely be fixed but I was really disappointed with the state of the game and how much money had been spent on the booth and the hype surrounding it. Others seemed to have more luck than I, racking up 70+ kills in the 5 or so odd minutes of demo.

TL;DR: Per my experience at PAX, and despite Techland's notoriety, the Dying Light alpha seemed much more polished, stable and innovative, in spite of Dead Island 2's flashier look and bigger hype train.

Dannycr1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Thanks for the thorough preview. I played Dying Light at E3 and it was indeed fully playable. You could feel the 60frames difference and the mobility. It was a timed demo, so I wish I could have tested it a bit more because it really felt just like a Dead Island 1 on steroids, but I want to check both in order to decide.

When you said that it crashed to desktop, you mean that it was a PC alpha, right? You wouldn't expect to see a PC demo running at such a low framerate.

I like the "At night, everything's harder and the monsters are more powerfull" feature in Dying Light. Whatever gives me a challenge, i approve.

At E3, Dying Light had kinda the same problem. It was next to the big Warner Bros games (Batman, Shadow Of Mordor, Mortal Kombat X and Witcher 3) so the people playing the demo were actually people just waiting in line to get into those other games. It kinda felt like you the Dying Light stand was in the back alley of a movie theater. The game certainly needs more exposure and advertisement because nobody is really aware of this game.

Sillicur1499d ago

Oh wow the movement looks amazing!

CongoKyle1499d ago

The night is dark and full of terrors!

Sillicur1499d ago

Oh no you didnt! now i cant wait for GOT :(