Lone Wolf: Tips for playing Destiny solo

MMGN writes: Playing Destiny alone? Here are a few tips in your quest to save humanity.

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Meltic1498d ago

ive played 5 hours with a friend. And all the other hours alone :(.


Nothin' wrong with that, but if you want someone to play with I'm helrazor343 on PS4, depending on what you want, I got a lvl 20 Warlock (just got there), also a lvl 12-13 Titan, and haven't started up my Hunter yet. If your interested send me a friend request.


Wouldn't mind adding u, how old are you?


@DaGR8JIBRALTAR sure, and late 30s (hope that's not a problem).

jjb19811498d ago

It already feels like I play alone, even with a strike team. This game is boo boo

Speak_da_Truth1498d ago

I can't find ppl to play with :(

tamarkovia1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Great article thanks for the tips I love a good campaign and ways to flesh it out. Is it Goty maybe not but I am loving it.

joab7771498d ago

It wasn't made to play alone. But I will admit, all Bungie had to do was add some stupid cut scenes w/ an emotional song or two and mayne the narrator from portal 2 and everyone would be happy w/ single player.

But I love fps games and mmo's and with coming content added to what there is, I am more than happy. I love it.

What blows my mind is that Bungie tries something new that is very high quality, and we don't even give it time to mature before we crucify it.

But that is bungie fault to by shying away from the mmo moniker and allowing so many to think it would have a Halo like single player (though I never thought halo had a good sp myself).

ShowGun9011497d ago

i think destiny turned out awesome! i dont know what some were expecting, and im already happy that the first week had Salvage mode for the weekend! Bungie didn't waste any time, and i can see me and my friends wasting ALOT of time on here this winter! personally i give it a 9/10!

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