Mario Kart 8 to rest of industry: This is how you do paid DLC

For the most part DLC is awful. But Mario Kart 8 has DLC coming and it's the best example of downloadable content done right.

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Chupa-Chupa1587d ago

The best DLC price and quantity I've ever seen.

Metallox1587d ago

I want to hear Link's expressions already!

I would love to hear some from Wind Waker.

jrshankill1587d ago

It's fairly priced and has some good content, but DLC is DLC.

BosSSyndrome1587d ago

Fire Emblem Awakening had really good prices too imo.

windblowsagain1587d ago

That's impressive for the prices.

8 tracks for $7.99

IMO MICROSOFT Caused the problem with DLC because they would buy timed DLC for megabucks. Everything was timed DLC.

I hope the rest of DEVs on other consoles follow suit.

People are not cash machines.

brich2331587d ago

Call of DUty caused DLC problems, 4 maps 15$!

Oschino19071587d ago

Too bad that's never been the price:content ratio.

You can't just pretend they don't release co-op (spec, ops, zombies, extinction) content and other minor things with each DLC pack.

You don't like COD fine, that's your choice, but don't flat out lie because you aren't a fan of it.

BTW the base vanilla version of COD already comes with more content compared to almost any other FPS. Story, co-op and multiplayer in every game since [email protected]

jackanderson19851587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

Fair enough blaming MS for timed exclusiveness that was probably majority them.

Blaming them for DLC as a whole is ridiculous though

DarkOcelet1587d ago

I blame the horse armor dlc for starting this practice , i cant believe people bought , they should have asked bethesda for a refund .

Oschino19071587d ago

Just from what I know of Killzone and Driveclub on PS4, almost every F2P game, are offering FREE dlc.

Maybe Nintendo could learn from them. Keep the core player base together and offer paid DLC for cosmetics or other content that won't split the community.

Gamer19821587d ago

Just a shame Nintendo does DLC wrong though. I want DLC tied to my account NOT to my console.

LonDonE1587d ago

Agreed it is good value for money but where the hell is our traditional Battle mode? the current battle mode on MK8 is a complete joke! seriously i miss the classic battle arenas so much.

I think EVERYONE who owns MK8 will guaranteed buy a DLC which has a load of new and classic battle mode maps arena style! this new battle mode of racing on tracks from the game is rubbish! and is one of my few problems with MK8! i think creating a traditional mario kart style battle mode arena map pack will sell like hot cakes and should of been the first DLC they released! here's hoping Nintendo get on it ASAP! i used to spend hours every day playing battle mode with my brothers and friends.

Now i want to play with my wife and kids and also playing with my brothers via online would be EPIC!

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Evil-Gouki1587d ago

Agreed! DLC should create excitement and expand over the original title. Not being forced day one or on-disc DLC, developers take note, the big N upped the game again.

DualWielding1587d ago

The DLC is fairly priced but the problem is that Nintendo games never drop in price, so one year from now you'll stiill need to pay for 60 for the game plus the DLC while other games have overpriced DLC but you can get a GOTY/Complete/Ultimate or whatever edition one year later that costs $40 and comes with everything

N4g_null1587d ago

Because they have no lasting game play. Those other games are bored line disposable.

InTheLab1587d ago

Still playing Borederlands 2 years after release. I can see myself running Diablo for at least 3 years. There's plenty of other examples of games that are not dependent on story that have very long shelf lives.

I like how you can make this comment not even knowing what games Dual was even talking about....

N4g_null1587d ago

I don't like how the industry has totally pimped you guys two times in a row. Maybe you are the minority. I mean you are still playing bl2 and Diablo a pc game. Yet where is watchdogs, gta, tlou, hell what about the exclusive games on the xbone or ps4. Why are you not playing those?

You prove my point by not listing any new games and only two out of tons of games released last gen.

Gemmol1586d ago

@inthelab yeah, you are still playing borderlands, but not everyone else, and that is why the price drop in value, compare to a Nintendo game which stay high because people will tend to play it more then another game after they beat it

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