GTA V PS4 Runs At 1080p, Looks Insane, Ton of New Details Leaked Via Behind Closed Door Presentation

Rockstar Games recently held a behind the closed door demonstration of Grand Theft Auto V Playstation 4 version at GameStop Manager Conference in Anehiem and the first impression from it is out. The developer showcased 45 minutes of GTA V PS4 demonstration, and going by the details coming out from attendees, it runs at 1080p and looks INSANE.


The post has been updated with more details such as GTA V PS4 demo looks like running at 30 FPS but not locked, new trailer should be coming soon and many more things.

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vishmarx1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

well there goes some more of my money
damn you rockstar

"Best Remaster I Have Seen By Far. I Literally Gasped At The Differences."

to think gta v is already one of the best looking open world games

MRMagoo1231550d ago

Yup out of any game coming, this is one of the ones I want the most, I hope its as good as they say.

bouzebbal1550d ago

1080p ? It's my tv that'll be happy!
One more big hitter on PS4!!

Hydrolex1550d ago

well I personally think the PC is gonna look really great, and time for an upgrade...

Comon GTX 900 series, where you at ???


Very good, Rockstar is learning their lessons in optimization. Eventhough the PS4 will look undoubtly great, I will get the PC version for the infinite mods it will have. When will console makers let their consoles allow mods and adult content? It is as if they will prove the false prejudice that consoles are for little kids.

UltraNova1550d ago

I cant wait to see what crazy mods people will make for this...things will get rather exciting come next year!

As Plastic above said I wish mods where made available to consoles as well... darn it!

Kidmyst1550d ago

I played through the whole thing on PS3 and it was one of the best GTA games, looking forward to doing it again on PS4.

starchild1550d ago

I'm really excited to play this since I never bothered to get it for my PS3 or 360. I might get the PS4 version and just sell it when the PC version comes out. But most likely I'll just wait for the PC version. It's only two months later and I have a gazzilion games to play anyway.



Mods on consoles have nothing to do with adult content, but with concerns spawned from opening the platform too much (security, piracy, copyright, etc). It's the same with Homebrew, great things could come from it, but a few bad apples would innevitably ruin it for everyone else, as they repeatedly done in the past.

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imt5581550d ago

If game has similar fps situation like Second Son, it's OK for me.

madworld1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

I hope to see a major differences between old and new version
Also I want to see amazing weather and time lapse Effect and must be stunning,incredible and Phenomena because they have massive power in new consoles and PC more details in this video....

XxExacutionerxX1550d ago

If this run 1080p native on Xbox One, I'll buy it on Xbox One.

pain777pas1550d ago

Steam sale for PC version in a year. Mods take time. PS4 double dip for me! Can't wait!

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mkis0071550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

I was playing it yesterday on my ps3... yea I really hope they nailed down at least 30fps. Drops would make me sad. The fog and LOD limiting effects really hurt the beauty. Please announce a date soon Rockstar. If the part about the preloading everything is true...*drools*

HolyDuck1550d ago

I think it'll be above 30fps without a shadow of a doubt. I don't know about anyone else but I certainly didn't stumble upon a lot of frame drops on XB360, given the PS4's hardware I imagine I'll never see a frame drop from the remaster.

SniperControl1550d ago

Just got a facebook post from Sony, 18th November.

mkis0071550d ago

They must have seen my post.

Locknuts1550d ago

Hopefully 60fps too. Driving and shooting would rock :)

BitbyDeath1550d ago

Locked 30fps would be fine for me.

memots1550d ago

lol at the disagree, all these l33t kid think that 30 fos would not be fine? Its always has been 30fps , Gta4 on pc took quite a powerful machine to run it at max details with steady 30fps when it came out.

Enemy1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

GTA5 would struggle trying 1080p @ 60fps even on PC. It'll be 30fps @ 1080p as expected on PS4. Likely 900p on Xbone unless they're sacrificing frame rate for resolution.

Locknuts1550d ago

Erm...wouldn't that depend on the PC? Besides PC gamers could just turn down other settings to achieve it.

ocelot071550d ago

@Locknuts just like Dead Rising 3? Am still doubtful about the PC version my self. For all we know it could be a rubbish PS4 port locked to 30 like Need For Speed Rivals and again Dead Rising 3.

hkgamer1550d ago

that would depend on the the pc itself. gtaiv ran smoothly day one on pc so i shouldnt see why it would struggle.


nfs and dr framerate was locked to gameplay. capcom did warn people about playing above 30 but i think it was mainly due to its engine.

Golden_Mud1550d ago

I don't think any game that got release by Take-Two ever ran a lower than 1080p resolution on Xbox One , so I expect both to actually run at 1080p with a large focus on optimizing the game so it can totally be fine for the gamers on both PC and Consoles.

FlyingFoxy1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

Tbh it would be a disgrace if GTA V had ridiculous recommended specs to run at 1080p and 60fps on PC. The game looks a bit better than GTA IV and that was poorly optimised, there would be something wrong if this game doesn't run really good on 2-3 year old high end GPU's but as usual it will probably be sloppily coded.

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MartinB1051550d ago

Yes, this. I'd easily take 60FPS over 1080p. No contest.

Locknuts1550d ago

I agree. If I had to choose I'd pick responsiveness over res in an action focussed game like this.

mochachino1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

Me too generally. Ideally they'd give a few options, 720/900 @60 or 1080 @ 30.

It's not just responsiveness. 60 FPS looks a lot cleaner when moving the camera, which is all the time. 30 FPS blurs quite a bit when moving so it's possible for a lower res game to actually look sharper when playing.

1550d ago
starchild1550d ago


I completely agree with your comments about framerate. However, it's not as simple as dropping down to 720p or 900p and being able to get 60fps instead of 30fps.

Doubling the framerate from 30fps to 60fps requires literally twice the performance from the hardware.

Dropping from 1080p to 900p or 720p only saves about 15 to 30% performance.

In other words, dropping the resolution from 1080p to 720p doesn't save you enough performance to double the framerate, which would require 50% more performance from the hardware.

I hope I explained it well enough and that it makes sense.

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cell9891550d ago

I'd be happy with 1080p @30fps locked. With better draw distance, textures and lighting

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KingofGambling1550d ago

If I were Sony bundle GTA V to the PS4 for this holiday year, for the month of November. I would definitely buy it.

Eonjay1550d ago

I think this is almost guaranteed to happen.

KingofGambling1550d ago

If Sony do bundle the game, which consoles do you think they going to bundle it with. The white PS4 or the black PS4?

bouzebbal1550d ago

they confirmed it at e3 together with exclusive content and cross save 360-PS4

zeeman1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

Closed doors?

What the hell for. Everyone knows what the game is about. How long are Rockstar going to pretend that this isn't just a visually upgraded game. The price they charging for is pretty shameful as well

Eonjay1550d ago

Just long enough to escape the aura of Destiny.

hkgamer1550d ago

they can charge as much as they want.

i mean if i play this game and cant tell that it looks and feels as good as any other games being released right now then why not?

oODEADPOOLOo1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

Never picked this game up before and PS4 version on my list, but I'll be waiting for holiday price drop. I am hoping for 50% off on GTA as well as some other games.