Star Citizen’s Arena Commander v0.9 will release on Friday

A new status update communique has appeared on the Star Citizen site, confirming that the much anticipated Arena Commander v0.9 will be released tomorrow. That’s Friday, 12 September, in case there’s any time zone confusion.

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qwerty6761499d ago

lost interest in this game when i found out there would be micro transactions.

colegonzales0031499d ago

micro transactions that are high enough to discourage people from buying all their crap though.
so im not worried about it
the prices are going multiply when beta ends theyve already confirmed

DeusEx-Machina1498d ago

You mean that they'll allow players to buy UEC (the in-game currency, that you will primarily earn through gameplay) in a limited fashion (monthly cap) for real world money so that they can create additional content for the persistent universe and sustain the servers?

You are aware that every item, regardless of purpose, be it a ship, a gun or a cosmetic skin, will be earn-able in-game through normal gameplay when the game is released, right?

If not, I'd like to share these two links to a forum post and to an episode of "10 for the chairmen", where Chris Roberts donates his views and answers to this topic.

Forum post of Chris Roberts regarding P2W:

10ftC Ep22 (Question 5 @ 10 min 51 sec)

Or are you talking about the the crowd funding model? The circumstance, that people pledge money so this game can be made, while getting a token of gratitude in from of a ship and a game package in return.

You know that you can also simply buy the game after it has been released, just like a normal game, right?