Hands On with The Order 1886: I’m Not Worried

SheAttack: Erica of SheAttack had the privilege of attending the Gamestop Expo in Anaheim, CA where she got her hands on with The Order: 1886! Here are her first impressions and reasons why she isn't worried about the game's cover system and gameplay.

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Thatguy-3101497d ago

Let me guess it's the same demo we've been seeing from every gaming convention. Everything just comes down to preference so others like the author won't mind the cover mechanic. But I'm baffled by how many people moan about the small portion of game play they've tried out. The game could be bad but we don't know it because we haven't really seen much from it to form that big of a statement

NewMonday1496d ago

I'm trusting [email protected] because they made solid GOW games that had the best narrative alongside 1&2.

Ever since finishing their second GOW game and announcing a new IP I was looking forward to it.

CloudRap1497d ago

I'll wait for the inevitable sequel with multiplayer. This could have been Gears on PS4 but instead just a really linear campaign with pretty visuals which if thats enough for you then fine, but IMO its not worth $60 in this day and age.

Blackleg-sanji1497d ago

What is wrong with linear that's all I see when it comes to complaints about this game. Everything doesn't need to be open world

CloudRap1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

True but TLOU was linear yet it had a good multiplayer not to mention open world elements, and most likely a better story at that, so why can't this game have it? Theres nothing wrong with linear but give us a little more for our money.

my point exactly

Big_Game_Hunters1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

because it will probably be 6-10 hours long, if you are okay with paying 60$ for that much content then that is fine, but some people aren't.Nothing wrong with linear games,TLOU is linear but that game is 13+ hours not counting MP.

XtraTrstrL1497d ago

I don't think the issue is that it's linear, it's that it's ridiculously linear.

Patrick_pk441497d ago

The majority of video games are not worth $60.

Blackleg-sanji1497d ago

Exactly honestly the only games I feel I've been getting my money's worth lately are the indies

Gamerbeyond1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

boarding the "hate the order" bandwagon.

seriously n4g haters are only basing their hate on someone elses very very limited experience with the game or purely from watching a video of the demo of the game.

daBUSHwhaka1497d ago

Need to see some new gameplay soon.Lost interest in this just now,maybe it's because there's so many games out,and still loads to come and what I've seen just isn't enough to get hyped about.Show something spectacular.A good setting and great graphics just doesn't do it anymore.

NewMonday1496d ago

Why soon? the game is not out until 2015

daBUSHwhaka1496d ago

Why not.The games been getting shown for a good few months now, and its the same gameplay demo every time.3 big gaming events since June,one very stale piece of gameplay.It's not doing much to build hype.

NewMonday1496d ago

They show it again for different markets to get hands on with the game, but some websites send people to preview the same build over and over, it not going to spontaneously change, a new preview build will not come until a month or so before release, so just hold off your expectations and enjoy the games you get between now and then.

captainexplosion1497d ago

Really wish this game had online. Seems perfect for a horde mode.

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