Best of the Best CPU Coolers: Vendetta 2 vs TRUE vs HDT-S1283

Benchmark Reviews: This article serves only one purpose: test three of the industry's most coveted coolers. Not very long ago Benchmark Reviews published the article Best CPU Cooler Performance - Q1 2008. At the time, the effort we gave in producing our test results seemed well worth the trouble. However, months later we see that there's a lot more to a cooler than just measuring performance with the same common fan. So after even more testing, we now have a full understanding of each CPU coolers individual characteristics and deliver the results to you. Benchmark Reviews is proud to present a three-way fight to the finish: The OCZ Vendetta 2 vs. Thermalright's Ultra-120 eXtreme vs. Xigmatek's HDT-S1283.

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Das Capitolin3900d ago

Considering that these three coolers represent the three best CPU cooling products in the world, I figured that there would be more dialog about the article.