Assassin’s Creed Unity’s Weapons, Intensely Violent Scenes and Sexual Themes Revealed by ESRB Rating

The Assassin’s Creed series never pulled too many punches when it came to violence, but looks like Assassin’s Creed Unity is quite a lot darker than its predecessors, especially considering the French Revolution settings, which had its fair share of atrocities.

The ESRB shed some light today on the violent side of the game with its ESRB rating, also adding what you can expect in terms of weapons and sexual themes.

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Yi-Long1499d ago

It's Ubisoft, who have been self-censoring the violence in their games for quite some years now, so I doubt the game will be very violent, at least not in the actual gameplay parts.

Yi-Long1499d ago

When you look at the violence in their games (Watch_Dogs, Splinter Cell, etc), it is very 'limited', so when you shoot someone, there's hardly a blood-splash or whatever. When you shoot someone with a shotgun from up close, you'd expect something of a bigger effect, but it's all pretty muted down.


KnightRobby1499d ago

Nope you are going to be very surprised. This one looks like it is going to be pretty violent. They really want you to feel like your in the Reign of Terror it seems.

I think Elise will balance it out nicely. She seems like an interesting character.

audiophile1011499d ago

intense action, blood, and sex. But yet young kids will still have access to them cause the parents are lacking their proper responsibility to keep the children from seeing this until a proper age.

I know i will enjoy this thats for sure

aLucidMind1499d ago

I would argue that the parents who can raise a child that can maturely handle content like this as well as you or I is far more competent than the parents who keep their children from seeing it. Even more so if said parents use Assassin's Creed and other games as a catalyst of getting them interested in various academic subjects.

Dirtnapstor1499d ago

Obviously you have no children.

GameSpawn1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

As far as the subject of underage children playing games (and obtaining games) the are rated well above their age group, this in not a problem of the rating system (as long as the game is properly and fairly rated), the stores that sell the games (though they should be asking), the game developers themselves, but the PARENTS.

PARENTS or those forking over money for the T/M/Pegi-18/Pegi-13/etc. rated games in the first place are the FINAL line of defense and the final chain in the rating systems. It is their responsibility to allow the child access or not to those games.

Can a child play games outside their age range? YES. Yes they long as they are brought up properly to know its a game and to not take anything portrayed to heart and have a good sense of decency to remain a moral upstanding individual and not devolve into a homicidal maniac. If a child has a problem of isolating fantasy and reality than they should be monitored more than usual in what hey are allowed to play. Again this all comes down to the PARENTS!

I don't have kids myself (nor care to), BUT I do have nieces and nephews from 5 to 19 and I have seen what they have access to and can be just a concerned as any other parent what they play, BUT I will also recognize that with proper teaching of morals and some minor amount of supervision they can play "Mature" or "Teen" games without issue. I don't believe ANYONE should be completely censored from anything - they should be allowed exposure at some point less the risk they become overly obsessed with it more because it's "taboo" when it doesn't need to be.

Dirtnapstor1499d ago

You are 100% correct in that parents need to draw the line. I agree, it is not the responsibility of a developer to "filter" material they craft, nor is it the ESRB's job to impose a censorship stance.

"as they are brought up properly to know its a game and to not take anything portrayed to heart and have a good sense of decency to remain a moral upstanding individual and not devolve into a homicidal maniac"

I understand and my added question is, as a parent, why provide these types of options to young impressionable minds in the first place? Yes, not every child is the same, but a constant is developmental well-being. The answer is not to completely shelter, but to have a systematic way of integrating topics/subjects/privileges. Also, sometimes there are influences out there that kids just don't need at certain ages. Why give them everything strait out of the chute and have them looking forward to nothing later on as they age?
What would be appropriate?

If you dump high octane fuel in a standard generator, it will run, but will shut down prematurely. It has specific specs. Run the proper fuel through it, it will run indefinitely.
Why rob a child of childhood itself?
Unfortunately, some parents mindlessly let their children play anything and everything. At times out of ignorance. We are products of that which influences. Until one is of the age of cognitively stability, a parent needs to parent.

DragonKnight1499d ago

I would argue that kids detach themselves from themes like that, going so far as to completely ignore things they don't really understand because they just want to get back to the game.

There are many many many ways in which children are far more emotionally stable and mature than adults.

goldwyncq1499d ago

Age doesn't define maturity and kids mature enough to take such content can be allowed to play it.

Arty841499d ago

I imagine the intense violence is because the guillotine scenes

considering how big the franchise has become I cant see Ubisoft somewhat putting off people with graphic torture scenes

also about the beastility? its just reference too it right? dialogue?

poppinslops1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

Yeah, looks to be just some harmless, bawdy banter between some Parisian prossies. Thank Glob...

That said, watch_dogs took things to new 'heights', particularly when it came to the sordid stuff.

So who knows? Maybe we'll finally get to see what happens when a man and a goat meet as strangers in the capitol city of romance...