8 Instances Where Game Companies Pulled a 180

Running a company is never easy, especially when that company caters to millions of video game fans on a daily basis. Here are eight moments when game companies reversed course when confronted by the wrath of fans.

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Fanci1497d ago

I still think DRM would have been awesome. Everyone cried like babies over nothing, everyone cries when PSN and XBL goes down so what difference does an always online console make? No matter how many people disagree with me no one will ever know how DRM could have changed gaming, making it truly next gen with fully evolving worlds to name one of the potentials. Too bad we're just stuck with xbox 360's and PS3's with better graphics and processing speeds. What kind of next gen is that?

MisfitsInc1497d ago

if XBL were to go down for ANY reason while the DRM was still active all you would have is a disturbingly overpriced paperweight.

xer01496d ago

Yes - the argument that it's common to find devices that are always on, is weak.

My phone and tablet are connected to a cell network.
When that network is down, i can't make calls or browse the internet. But i can borrow someone elses' phone and make calls.

When you introduce an always on game console - you'd better make sure people can still play their games, if there's no internet connection.

BitbyDeath1497d ago

Implementing DRM does nothing but restrict user rights, do you work for EA by chance?

SouthClaw1496d ago

Yeah he should stop posting... hes the one with two bubbles...

Godmars2901497d ago

"Next Gen" for me would have been a Destiny which played out like Phantasy Star Online and Dark Souls had a baby. With online enhancing the game.

Yours, for which you seem to lack any comprehension of, seems to be exactly like what the PS3 and 360 gen was, only online was required. Complimented nothing.

hkgamer1496d ago

hahaha... not sure if you are troling or not. but by the off chance that you are not.

i totally agree. from a business standpoint to chaning the industries economics. that would have been realy interesting to see.

drm online 24 checkin system benefited me more than the current xbone did.

also steam had the exact same thing, or something similar right?

anyway, we are in the minority. so expect a ton more of disagrees.

Spotie1496d ago

I think you should rethink your thoughts.

...though, after that article full of Xbox fans being glad their console has less games, I'm not sure extra thinking will do any good.

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Godmars2901497d ago

Eight instances where companies forgot that the basic rile of business is, "Offer only what the market will bear". Where they attempted to dictate the terms of business so far into their favor that they compromised the very quality of the product they were selling.

sAVAge_bEaST1496d ago

One instance when a game company pulled a 180 after one-eighty after 180

xbox one.80\\ //360

(I'll see myself out)