Dying Light: Check Out Seven Minutes of Ultra-Violent Gameplay

Now that Dying Light has a new release date, we can also check out some ultra-violent and definitely spiffy gameplay, recorded from a livestream from the GameStop Expo.

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XtraTrstrL1496d ago

Loving these modes. It's got that L4D humans vs infected going on. I was already interested before the co-op or modes like this. It's getting better every time I see it.

ScottyHoss1489d ago

That's why I'm choosing this over evolve. Single player story interests me, split screen is always welcome, freedom of movement both as human and monster, and diverse modes in a huge open world. Yes.

ShAkKa1496d ago

Looking great. Hope the interiors are a little more varied than what they did with Dead Island/Riptide this time around.

Dirtnapstor1496d ago

2015 is going to be an epic year for gaming! Looks so good, hope the story has a good hook and is well fleshed out.