Why We're Still Getting Newer Editions of the Old 3DS

illgrillchill writes: "Two weeks ago, Nintendo made a surprise announcement that they’re creating a “new” Nintendo 3DS with increased capabilities and eventually exclusive games. However, even with that announcement, Nintendo is still creating and promoting various new editions of the “old” 3DS. So, with this “New” Nintendo 3DS announced, why are we still getting newer editions of the “Old” Nintendo 3DS?"

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Kingthrash3601499d ago

I dont think its the "old" system getting hardware support thats the problem.
Its the "old" system NOT getting software. This early arrival of a system that has games that are not supporting the old system is a kick in the face to gamers. Its no big deal but calling it the new 3ds and having new exclusive content on it at this stage of the old 3ds' s cycle is cold.
Imo at least

wonderfulmonkeyman1499d ago

That's the thing, though; the old 3DS WILL get new software, regardless of whether or not the New has ones specifically tailored to its higher capabilities.
Older 3DS users aren't being outright abandoned.

Xof1499d ago

Nope. Only partly abandoned.

Nintendo want's to release a next-generation handheld, but only halfway. They want the new hardware sales, but don't want to lose out on 3DS software sales, either.

wonderfulmonkeyman1499d ago

Nah, not even partly.
Partly abandoned would be if they had released this "new system", then put out games that could technically work on both the old AND new systems, then made a bunch of games timed exclusives for the New one to try and push sales.
THAT would be partial abandonment, as well as a damned cold face-slap, if not some sort of twisted form of gamer extortion.XD
As things stand now, though, the system is just getting games that its hardware is designed to handle, that the old one cannot.
Like any other more powerful upgrade on the market.

morpha1498d ago

This is the exact same move Nintendo took with the DSi last gen... remember how many DSi only titles there were? Remember how the DS stopped getting games?

Thats right! It didnt happen. They were all backwards compatible.

Menkyo1499d ago

Because nintendo has moved to an Apple hardware model and they know you'll buy them.

CloudRap1499d ago

LMAO nintendo doesn't have a fraction of the consumer mindshare that they have, Apple is a behemoth, Nintendo is fading.

Blank1499d ago

I wouldnt say nintendo is fading thats a bit too extreme because Nintendos IP portfolio will keep them relevent for as long as they keep that Nintendo game quality. I honestly think they turned the Wii U around in a good way so far and with other games soon to release they will be okay.

Loktai1499d ago

I was thinking of getting a 3DSXL.. .now its like.... how long will anything you buy actually stay relevant ? Im having an existential crisis!

Macdaddy711499d ago

Loktai??? I feel just like you, I don't know what to do now!!!! Crazy

BrandanT1499d ago

Nintendo about 3 years with handhelds. Any cellphone probably a couple months.

Loktai1499d ago

I Have a smartphone that does most of what I need.. its a 3 + year old phone.

wonderfulmonkeyman1499d ago

You'll still be getting games that can be played on the older models.
You lose out on very little by sticking with them for a while.

Loktai1499d ago

Yeah would be true if I had bought the 3ds at the beginning but to buy the regular 3ds now seems like a bad idea, given there WILL be games I cant play. Its kind of like buying milk thats about to expire, it works like normal milk for less time .... but you go to the back of the case for the fresher milk which in this case is the NEW 3ds. I know it has enough games but now Ill hold off. Even if my Vita is hated by half the internet for not getting enough AAA games at least there arent like 3 versions of the vita. 2 handhelds in 10 years(As of december anyhow) and counting without a new one announced yet and probably wont be for a year or two more easily.

Xof1499d ago

It's been about 1 year so far.

3DS was out one year and then Nintendo released the superior 3DS XL.
3DS XL was out one year and then Nintendo released superior CE XLs.
CE XLs are not yet a year old and we've got N3DS and N3DSXLs incoming.

Next year will probably see CE N3DSXLs, etc., etc.

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Revengeance1499d ago

Good for you. I'll make the smart decision and buy the New 3DS so I can play the ENTIRE library.

Jag-T10001499d ago

Because Nintendo knows teenagers are getting dumber and dumber.

wonderfulmonkeyman1499d ago

Teenagers have been dumb for far longer than Nintendo has been around, dude.XD
Games like CoD just made them worse.XD

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