Final Fantasy World Wide Words plays against type

Square Enix reveals mobile Final Fantasy typing game

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Snookies121500d ago

Oh look! More MOBILE stuff from SE, what a surprise!

-Foxtrot1500d ago

Crappy mobile stuff

I mean a Typing game....good lord

Way to exploit your franchise, now Final Fantasy has become even more slutty.

porkChop1500d ago

Are you kidding me? A typing game? I don't know how any publisher can whore out their franchise this much and still keep a straight face.

LightDiego1500d ago

That's official, Square-Enix is over.

hkgamer1500d ago

ive enjoyed typing games. a little strange that its on mobile but if there is a pc version then that maybe quite cool.

loved typing of the dead, even liked mavis beacon typing software.

would be a little strange to be typing final fantasy words though.