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Bungie’s biggest (and most expensive) project has come at last, amid a torrent of hype and interest. Some of that hype was tempered since the beta was released back in July and many people have been quick to condemn the game for failing to reach it’s lofty ambitions. But is the game a disappointment? Does it suffer from delusions of grandeur? GameOnDaily's Seif investigates.

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kratoz12091500d ago

Does anyone know what we can expect from the Dlc?
Will it be a new planet or new location on a previous planet?

FPSRUSSIA1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

no idea but just bought the season pass loving every minute of it cant wait for anything they release destiny related. Also great score but in my option it deserve at least a 9.2

kaizokuspy1500d ago

definitely a 9. A year from now a 10. 10 years later, a 100.

3-4-51500d ago

Love this game so far.

DLC most likely will include:

* New Crucible Maps
* New Planets
* New Strikes
* New Armor,Guns,Helms,Sparrows,Ship s, ect....
* New Missions
* New Bounties
* New Enemies
* New Raids
* Additional Hub Areas
* New Emblems
* New Shaders

Just more of everything that is already good.

danny8181500d ago

I really dont trust reviews. People get payed. Does anyone recommend this that doesnt have any friends online

Septic1500d ago

Trust me this reviewer did not get paid lol.

Owvi1500d ago

I've only played with one friend thus far. Been going at it solo for the most part and really enjoying it.

Letthewookiewin1500d ago

Yup been soloing the whole time except for strikes and it matchmakes for you.

Razorus1500d ago

I wrote the review, and I promise you I give my own time and effort into it. I don't get paid by anyone, writing is something I like to do and I hope I will eventually get paid. Read it and you'll see that I criticize the game for several flaws. I gave it an 8 because while it does have problems, the pros outweigh the cons. It's simply a fun, well-made shoot 'em up at the end of the day.