August 2014 NPD: Sony's response

Sony has issued a response to the August 2014 NPD report.

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MightyNoX1550d ago

Bravo, Sony. Keep it up and USA will be Playstationland this gen.
8 months down
4 months to go

Magicite1550d ago

September is given, thanks to Destiny, but it will get really interesting in further months.

BiggerBoss1550d ago

Sony is really knocking it out of the ballpark this gen with Ps4. I agree that the Holiday sales are where it will get really interesting, can't wait to see the promotions each side does this time around.

Ninver1550d ago

Hey on the subject of destiny do you guys/girls recon it's worth it to buy the ps3 version? How well does it play? Also is the online any good?

gamertk4211550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

Tom Clancy's Girls Recon. Lol

Nekroo911550d ago

further months sony will launch the update 2.0 with play share.

its a huge feature imagine ads of playing your friends games without owning them, or borrow a online controller.

ABizzel11550d ago

Honestly November is the only questionable month for NPD, and that's simply because of Halo: MCC and the Call of Duty bundle.

As far as WW sales September is the only questionable month, with MS having their 29 tier 2 countries, there's a good chance they could come out on top. Even though it had the worst launch in the recent history of Japan 23k units sold is still a good boost, and to tie Sony they have to average 15k console sold per country. Japan may have been a horrible launch, but it's 8k above that average they need, and that number will grow (probably insignificantly) for the remaining weeks of September. So overall I think MS has September, but is a new console launch in those regions really a win?

XBO: 600k - 900k (excluding China, wildcard)
PS4: 700k
Wii U: 300k

MS needs these wins, or else the XBO's fate is sealed at least until 2016.

chrismichaels041550d ago

Congrats to Sony on the PlayStation 4's continued success. Fanboys speak loud....but gamers wallets speak loudest.

pwnsause_returns1550d ago


I believe that Getting Destiny for PS3 Entitles you for the Digital PS4 Copy. you should google and research that and check if there are no experiation dates for such a deal. that way when you decide to upgrade to the PS4, that you manage to get that free copy in time.

miyamoto1550d ago

See, I told you guys since February 22, 2013 the PlaySaviour 4 will revolutionize and revitalize the video game industry around the world like the previous PlayStations.

You will see how the PlaySaviour4 will carry the weight of the industry on its back and do wonderful and marvellous things you haven't seen before.

BootyBandit1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )


I don't see MS carrying September. They are releasing in regions that make up single digits in overall sales combined. The Destiny Bundle for Sony is flying off the shelves. Everyone I have talked too and friends and family have inquired about all say Sony is pulling in big numbers with their glacier white bundle. I personally know 7 people that picked one up and 3 of them already own a PS4. I myself almost picked one up.

TitanFall did nothing. Destiny isn't causing a bump for MS and neither will MCC nor releasing in a bunch of regions that don't pull in big numbers regardless. MS needs a big price cut or a huge bundle deal that also is significantly discounted.

MS doesn't have a pricing / value problem. They have a consumer confidence and image problem. Some might have forgiven what they tried to pull but most are afraid they will still try and implement their anti consumer policies sooner or later.

mkis0071550d ago

@ ABizzel1

The flaw a lot of people make and you seem to be making is that most of those 29 countries are not going to put up more than 10,000 consoles on their launch day. Japan is singled out a lot because they are a market that makes up a lot of gamers by itself. Same reason why the UK and US are. Notice the rest of the numbers are usually a conglomerate of "Europe" when released.

HanzoHattori1549d ago

The PS4 will move 1.5 to 2 million consoles world wide in September, and Destiny and DriveClub (Oct 7th) will be the main reasons for that.

Kayant1549d ago


"Japan may have been a horrible launch, but it's 8k above that average they need, and that number will grow (probably insignificantly) for the remaining weeks of September" - You mean it will drop but a lot ;) There is little reason why the average will grow when there is no software for it you only have to look at PS4 there to see that.

Personally I will agree with what some others have said that those countries china maybe are going to do very little because if MS isn't taking the launch in most of these countries seriously then they themselves know the outcome. My post is in reference to this thread -

Now to MCC and Cod. Honestly I feel a similar thing will happen like with recent madden sales when even with bundles sales PS4 versions still outsold XB1 versions. Even if the XB1 did outsell it the differences would be small.Halo MCC would be a TF like situation where the majority of people have already brought the XB1 in anticipation of Halo. Although it has been doing very well in preorders(at least amazon wise)

bouzebbal1549d ago

look at next year. x1 had more games for line up and PS4 crushed it. This year they have sunset overdrive forza and halo collection. Not sure that will be relevant.
TLoU showed the attach rate and moved lots of PS4s. Destiny and its white bundle in september will obviously drive PS4 sales.
I mean who really will skip Destiny or TLoU remastered to buy Sunset Overdrive? Also, first quarter of 2015 is rich in blockbusters on PS4 with bloodborne, The Order... so people want to choose PS4 to be ready for these games.
Hardcore Halo fans already own the x1 so i dont think halo collection will have an impact on anything.

ABizzel11549d ago

First off those region make up more than a single digit sale, which is why the 360 sold almost 9 million units in Tier 2 regions, and over 1.6m in Japan. Launch of a console is often one of it's highest sells period in a consoles lifecycle as well.

Your friends and family don't represent every gamer, and mine's certainly don't, because if they did I'd be the only one with a PS4, while the rest are XBO gamers. Each of them bought Destiny Day 1, I'm the only one who doesn't have, because I didn't care for it.

I agree MS has a consumer problem, but price is also their greatest problem. Even at $100 less the PS3 was still outselling the 360, so with both the PS4 and XBO being the same price, and MS having a mixed image right now (bad among core gamers) there's no way they're ever going to consistently compete with PS4 until they're at a lower price, clean their name up, and get more quality games.

However, the launch sales of a console are ridiculously inflated. The X360 sales in Japan for example were 55k at launch, then later went on to average 1,000 per week (2% of the original launch). So yes I agree that sales are going to be low in most of those regions, but the initial launch sales boost could be enough in all of these regions to get the XBO close to the PS4 for the month of September. After that its sales are falling off a cliff. For comparison if the XBO falls off like the 360 did it's averaging 600 units per week in Japan.


No, the flaw that many people are also overlooking is that you're counting a week of sales, where in many of these places the console is on sale for the entire month of September. Once again China is the big unknown. Even if 1% of the Chinese population are gamers that's still 13 million people the XBO has first selling rights to.

I'm not saying they'll win, September WW sale, I'm just saying this is their only chance to win WW numbers until most gamers are ready to buy a 2nd console. If it doesn't happen here then the XBO is in serious trouble because after September their WW numbers are going to drop after the launch inflation ends. They'll obviously go back up in November and December due to holiday inflation, but January will be stark for them. Which means $329 - $349 XBO.


I agree I think the PS4 version of COD will outsell the XBO version. But I think that for NPD, Halo + COD is practically screaming to the NA fanbase buy me. We have to be real and logical. Halo is Xbox's biggest game, and the MCC gives you all the Master Chief games in 1080p @ 60fps, plus access to the Halo 5 beta right after Christmas. This is a Halo's fans Christmas Dream come true, and it's going to move XBO's in NA, which again is why I'm saying they have a chance in November.

I'm not saying it's guaranteed, I'm simply saying they have a chance in September WW sales (then sales will fall off a cliff), and they have a chance at November NPD and sales could stay fairly high through November - January.

If sales fall off again that $329 - $349 XBO is happening in February or March, right in time for tax season.

Kidmyst1549d ago

The fact Madden sold more on PS4 had to hurt since before console launches, MSFT really had a partnership with EA to make Xbone the EA Sports console.

BootyBandit1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )


Comparing last generation to this one is a mistake in my opinion. The X1 is a different console when compared to the 360. The 360 was more gaming centric while the X1 is more of a jack of all trades and a master of none. It's more geared towards the North American consumer.

I think the Destiny bundle is going to be a substantial boost for Sony worldwide and it will offset MS releasing in all those regions.

In Japan alone MS numbers (X1 release) were substantially lower than when the 360 launched in the land of the rising sun. I think the same will hold true for all of the other regions as well. You say Tier 2 but you are not being region specific while doing so and you're basing your numbers off of a console that has been out for nearly 8 years.

When I say those regions make up single digits sales I mean in the overall worldwide scheme of things his generation for MS. So even if the initial launch numbers are decent or MS? I don't see them being enough to fill the void of Sony currently outselling MS worldwide by a 3 to 1 ratio. Especially when you factor in that the Destiny bundle will give Sony a substantial boost for September worldwide sales.

But maybe you will be right and I will be wrong. Either way it might be close but I think Sony will still edge out in front of MS. MS better hope I'm wrong. Because if they don't outpace Sony for the month of September, releasing in all those regions? They never will.

Giantbomb821549d ago

The Ps4's 2 big selling points this year in terms of games. Are a PS3 game and a Bungie game. PATHETIC and ironic. Congrats to all you early PS4 adopters. I'm really jealous. I feel I'm really missing out. Katy Perry sells A lot better than the music I listen too. I guess I'm wrong and I'm missing out. Don't give two shits about sales and popularity. Buying an Xbox One and going to love it.

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TheWatercooler1550d ago

Congrats Sony. Keep that domination coming!!

lelo2play1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

Congrats to Sony... and September will probably be the same with the Destiny bundle. The PS4 compared to other consoles is unstoppable at the moment. I'm curious to see October/November/December months.

TheNew11550d ago

First off, congrats to Sony! And I agree with your post.

Evilsnuggle1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

PS4 out selling X1 is beginning to get old . Now its as obvious as the black guy dying first in a horror movie. Lol lol lol ;) (Just Joking )

But now serious hat time. X1 is in free fall and I think this trend to continue until halo 5. The caveat halo 5 will have to be good it needs to be better than halo 4 and have great reviews.

Xbox fans will say x1 is still doing good PS4 is doing better. No x1 is not doing good in Europe where 360 is the best selling consoles of all time in the U.K. X1 is getting destroy in Europe by PS4 being out sold 4 to 1. X1 is barely treading water in the USA. The x1 sales have been in decline since it launch. Yes x1 had a great launch bigger than 360 it was in short supply. Since January this year 360 has sold more units that X1 did in it launch period.

Sony will continue to dominate x1 until has a real price cut . Taking the kinect out is out a price cut. Also x1 is inferior hardware and should not cost the same a better hardware of the PS4. Or x1 needs a must have game to sell x1. Sunset overdrive is not that game .

Yetter1550d ago

MS has not ever had a console that has sold as fast as the XB1. Spin it any way you want, sales of next gen console is very health

WeAreLegion1550d ago

At launch, yes. The XBO sold well. It is now selling slower than the 360.

kenshiro1001549d ago

Yetter, that doesn't matter when the PS4 is beating the XB1.

SuperBlur1550d ago

NPD stands for


Cryptcuzz1549d ago

Wow, that is awesome and creative all at the same time!

FanboyKilla1550d ago

Lol anyone notice when sony is mentioned or praised, its never about games. Sighs. Maybe they are trying to impresss share holders and investors instead of gamers. I Dont blame them, they already have millions of blind followers. Sucks for us who dont care about their numbers and want to have fun.

Here are some numbers for you. Mcdonalds sells millions of hamburgers a day, and i seriously doubt any of us will say they have the best burgers. Lmfao mcdonalds best burgers.

So i see you post your numbers sony, and my ps4 is still sitting under my coffee table powering my xone controller. Soon even your fans are going to get tired of you running your mouth. They have to be exhausted of lying to themselves, friends and family. Soon they will just want to have fun, and your sales charts dont provide that.

And a big warm welcome to minecraft and company. Welcome to the family.

Fkhalf161550d ago

They announced back at SCEJ TGS Pre show games or you didn't know about the conference.

BiggerBoss1550d ago

Have you ever owned a Playstation?? The Playstation brand is known for having the best games time and time again

gootimes1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

Yeah, Minecraft is already on the PS4...

PS4 also has more retail AAA, more digital, more upcoming, and more instant collection games. Plus they have the most 90+ rated exclusive games and more high rated in general.

Sony definitely looking out for gamers.

mkis0071550d ago

NPD is about numbers hence the numbers.

My Ps4 gets plenty of use, because I buy things I will play. You should think about trying that so you have more money to buy games.

People like you running their mouths make me tired.

Sony has just made me happy. They have made a console that may actually get the level of exclusive dev support that the ps2 had. I'm sorry you feel lied to for whatever perceived transgression Sony made.

MysticStrummer1550d ago

"Lol anyone notice when sony is mentioned or praised, its never about games."

PS4 has more games than XB1 and a higher rated lineup.



gamer4lifeyo1550d ago

LMFAO! Butt hurt much fanboy? I recall sony having 2 game of year titles last gen. Go spread your crybaby nonsense somewhere else, lol. The extreme xbox fanboys can't handle sony being on top, especially cuz of all that shit talking they did last gen, lol.

HanzoHattori1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )


"Lol anyone notice when Sony is mentioned or praised, its never about games?"

Actually, people have been praising games like Diablo III and Madden 15, Both are multiplatform games which are selling more units on the PS4.

I don't even need to mention The Last Of Us which is by far better than any Xbox One game "currently available for purchase."

I'd also like to point out that the PlayStation4 "nearly" has twice the number of games as the Xbox One. Also, I'd like to point out that if the current pace of games releases continues as it is, the PlayStation4 will have 3 to 4 times the number of games that the Xbox One has by the end of summer 2015.

Clearly you love Xbox and Xbox One and i'm not knocking you for that, we all enjoy the things that we enjoy, that's life. What I will call you on is you inferring that: 1. The PlayStation4 has no games. And 2. The people who have decided to buy a PlayStation4 are some how deceiving themselves? ;D I think that most ps4 owners will agree that point 2 is ridiculous and as for point 1, if it gives you comfort at night thinking that the ps4 has no games, value, or substance I wish you all the best.

Greatness Awaits

DreadGara1549d ago


How did you manage to write that long with tears in your eyes?
Im having hard time with my laughing tears to read your sad butthurt stories.
Xbone days of our lives excuses becoming dumb and dumber everyday.
I want the likes of him to stick around. I find this guy funny.
Bubble up for you so we can see you again.

kenshiro1001549d ago

That pillar of salt though.

Not sure what you're mad about. Quality and diversity always trumps quantity. That's why the PS4 is outselling the XB1.

Don't get mad at the PS fans. Get mad at your company for screwing up in the first place.

DigitalRaptor1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

Absolutely ridiculous. This article is about sales.

You are a fanboy yourself… mate. You are salty and can't stand when people are happy that PS4 is dominating like they remember. It doesn't matter if you think that people aren't praising PS4 for its games, because they are... in game-related articles.

PS4 has MORE games. PS4 has BETTER rated games. It is the more acclaimed gaming system, because it actually IS a gaming system first and foremost. All of these are facts that you cannot handle being promoted. These facts will remain firmly in gamers' minds for the entire generation as the games keep flowing, and greater developer support is shown for the console, BECAUSE of the sales.

ThanatosDMC1549d ago

Wow, fanboykilla never go full retard on n4g. People will remember it.

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ramiuk11549d ago

in UK st moment they are doing the following bundle

XB1 500gb
halo masterchief collection for £349 and in a few places there is console and destiny for £308.

thats some major discounts there and according to a friend who works at the shop there still not selling well at that price

ramiuk11549d ago

this is MS from 2012,what a difference a couple years make combined with a disasterous launch

oof461549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

I think it's safe to say Sony wins this gen. The only question will be how much of a gap there will be between first and second place.

Gamer19821549d ago

Its funny as MS did this all last gen so Sony are now getting there own back. They say you should keep your mouth shut as it will come back to bite you in the behind.

nosferatuzodd1549d ago

I keep hearing how dumb and bias N4G is and how its sony fanboy heaven but read these comment made by other website and listen to the post the fanboy war is more intense here than on N4G

this guy
PS domination is the best thing for the industry,Just look at the PS1,PS2 era.So many games then came the 360 which was in the lead last gen and it was one of the wors gen ever



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Jamie Lawler Wargreymon559 . • 12 hours ago

You're just upset that MS come along a few years back and ruined Sonys little hold on the console world, I swear you just cant get over it...


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demfax Jamie Lawler • 12 hours ago

It seems more like ms fanboys can't handle the fact that PS4 clawed back a fraction of PS2's marketshare.

Btw Wii took a larger marketshare than 360 last gen.


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You are flat out wrong Jamie Lawler • 10 hours ago

Xbot salt is best salt.

Bet you thought you had gen 8 in the bag when 2013 started.


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Jamie Lawler You are flat out wrong • 7 hours ago

I often take what you say with a pinch of salt.


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Jecht_Sin Jamie Lawler • 8 hours ago

And still the X360 ended last. As usual.

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Walker1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

Congrats @ sony, PS4 was #1 and the Xbone sales doubled than july... holy many did the PS4 sell?????????????? more than 300k i think !

PS4isKing_821550d ago

Software not hardware. No news on hardware yet.

GribbleGrunger1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

Yes, it's deliberately misleading PR from MS. Bad form, sir:

"Xbox One sales are on a positive trajectory, nearly doubling sales in August in the U.S. compared to July due in part to strong demand for the Xbox One Madden NFL 15’bundle."

... But they're talking about 'software' NOT 'hardware'. Doesn't sound like it though, does it.

Gamer19821549d ago

It's what MS does best and what they did pretty much all last generation too. Lets be fair though its all they can do right now.

Kayant1549d ago

The very fact they decided to do something like that should show you how happy they are with the numbers.

Hint* - Not so much

Haru1550d ago

Playstation for world domination!

Butters3601550d ago

PlayStation Nation!

VERY interesting future lies ahead. With all the new PS4 users brought in by Destiny and continuing through the Fall, what would the gaming industry's response be if Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare sells better on PS4?

gangsta_red1550d ago

YES! Keep up the good work Sony! Sony domination is coming to the world!

gangsta_red1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

Say what??

So out of all the comments that said the exact same, mine was the one that sounded like sarcasm?

Constant Ok, Sorry I said anything guys...I thought I would congratulate Sony like so many above and below me did but obviously it's only for a certain crowd here on N4G.

Bathyj1550d ago

Gangsta, I wont attack you for saying something congratulatory to Sony, I'll take your comment at face value and give kudos to you for being a good sport. All I would say is dont be so shocked if others dont, history and character count so you cant really blame people if they choose to think that way.

Its weird but it actually parallels Microsoft at the moment, even though Phil seems like a nice (if a bit smug) guy, it is hard to ignore MS's history and character when its so recent.

Besides, Outside_ofthe_Box didnt say you were sarcastic, he asked a question, and you jumped to a conclusion much like you were implying he did. See, dont splash the hypocrisy brush around too much, theres enough around to get on everyone.

Gamer19821549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

@Bathyj its funny you talk about parallels as when PS3 was getting beaten who was at MS? Phil Harrison. Who is at Microsoft now? Phil Harrison.. That guy is CURSED!

Majin-vegeta1550d ago

Well given your constant trolling.Kinda hard to distinguish sincere or sarcasm

Outside_ofthe_Box1550d ago

I really wasn't sure if you were being sarcastic or sincere. You aren't exactly someone to give over the top praise like "domination!" I thought you was being genuine until the last sentence is all.