What To Do With Strange Coins In Destiny

The Strange Coin is one of the currencies used in Destiny to get weapons and upgrades. Of course even with the Strange Coins you will have to find out where to turn them in. This guide will tell you where you can turn the coins in for the best loot.


Xur has arrived!

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martinezjesus19933067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

What do we do with Grimoire? Or however you say it

EDIT: On topic, Im glad i didnt get rid of these, i got a couple in my invetory

CorndogBurglar3067d ago

Vrimoire are just cards that unlock on they tell u back story and lore.

I believe the amiunt of grimoire you earn will also get u some gear, but i could be wrong about that.

JohnnyHurricane3067d ago

You can get emblems and colors forsure but as for weapons and armor I am not sure.

ScottyHoss3067d ago

There's a trophy/achievement for getting 777 grimoire points as well

Panthers3066d ago


So thats how they are telling lore in this game. That is ridiculous. They need to have a better story in this game and that is a lazy and boring way to add story.

Damn I like the gameplay but the story is soooo bad.

darren_poolies3066d ago


Do you have to get a score of exactly 777? If so, how the hell are you supposed to do that.

Silver3603066d ago

You just have to pass 777 to get the grimoire card.

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lameguy3067d ago

The cards are basically the only semblance of a story that you're going to get (and what they contain is obtuse and confusing at best). Useful for some mental masturbation about what could've been... if they had just set out to make things actually interesting.

DeadMansHand3066d ago

Ridiculous. I'm half way through Venus and i have a clear understanding what is going on. Great cut scenes and dinklebot narrates as you go. Maybe some listening comprehension classes are in order?

Mexxan3066d ago

Poor comment, very lame....

ShowGun9013066d ago

if you think the story is weak, its cause you're used to games that have 30min cutscenes to spell out every little detail for you. try playing a souls game, they make you WORK to find out the canon! subtle storytelling is better IMO, but then again i don't like things forced down my throat!

Panthers3066d ago

Subtle storytelling is great, but starting this game with an antagonist like 'the darkness' that as far as I can tell has no motivation other than hating the traveller is a very weak plot device to lead me to killing aliens that for some reason want to kill me. Although I still have NO idea why.

And should I care about saving the last city? I guess so since its Earth, but I have not met a single character in game that offers any attachment. I have no reason for fighting other than I am chosen to.

I get that people want to defend a game they paid money for and were excited about for a long time as I was, and the gameplay is good, but this story is laughable at best.

Even if you understand whats going on (I dont see how you can grasp this lazy story) but that doesnt mean its good.

Luckily playing with friends is enough to justify logging on every now and then.

lameguy3066d ago

@DeadMansHand: The topic is about the cards, not the in-game stuff. In game is fine because there's about 1 minute of non-interesting story there and that's comprehended fine. If however, you read the cards, you'll find that someone is obviously trying too hard and they're not very good either.

@ShowGun901: That's kind of what I meant. The cards seem to allude to some interesting aspects of the universe. Unfortunately they are obtuse and scattered and nearly nothing from there made it into the actual 'game'. Kind of wanted a video game, not a card browser/reading adventure online :)

N4Flamers3066d ago

I completely agree with panther. The story is sophomoric at best and ends with sequel bait. We all knew this game was a franchise but there is hardly anything memorable about the final encounter. I do love the game but the story is not one of its strongest assets.

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3-4-53067d ago

Will he be in that empty spot in the Tower down below the FWC & DO ?

JoeMcCallister3066d ago

Some of the Grimoire cards get you perks like more class item (bond/mark/hood) drops, more glimmer drops for enemy types, or more special resources like spinmetal will spawn. If you go to and look at some of the cards they have tiers for their unlocks, I have a few tier one unlocks and apparently it's going to do something.

SmielmaN3066d ago

I absolutely love this game so far.....but, I hate that that substance is called "glimmer". Reminds of the secret girls club from South Park "make it sparkle! Sunshine!" Lol. But seriously, whoever thought to name that glimmer should put down vodka cranberry and pick up a MGD.

Ozmoses3066d ago

Grimoire is the card system.. You get an achievement/trophy for attaining 777 or more Grimoire.

also certain Grimoire cards have descriptions about whatever is on that specific card... and they also have stats..

for example, the Grimoire cards for enemy characters will tell you how many you've killed and how many have killed you. (it's on the backside of the cards)

SmielmaN3066d ago

I did not know that about the killing stats. Thx for the info. Helpful bubble for you.

3066d ago
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CorndogBurglar3067d ago

If the coins are really so rare then i would think it wouldn't take a whole lot of them to get good gear. Thats just talking logic though

JohnnyHurricane3067d ago

My guess is above 25 because the items were epic and above(legendary)

Swiggins3067d ago

It's 9 coins for each item.

Same thing with the Motes of Light.

Silver3603066d ago

Some items are worth 125 coins, The is a little dark hooded guy next to the guy that accepts spinmetal on the way to your guild leader that takes them

Rooted_Dust3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

Either 13 or 23 coins for Exotic Gear, Weapons, and sparrow mods.

--Onilink--3067d ago

Im pretty sure the vendor will show up in the basement room by the ship vendor (the one with all the empty sofas)

I remember during the IGN preview the bungie rep mentioned as he was heading down that "it" wouldnt show up at that time, but eventually we would find some great stuff there.

JohnnyHurricane3067d ago

Will check there tomorrow. Thanks for letting me know.

JoeMcCallister3066d ago

There is another area that opens up with the Iron Banner that is above the Vanguard area too, at the very rear of the Tower. Don't know if he will pop in there or not.

n4rc3067d ago

Can someone tell me the purpose of materials? Like helium coils or spinmetal.. I'm not a mmorpg guy so I'm lost.. Lol.. Do I just sell it off?

And I've never seen or heard of these coins.. Lol.. Got a lot to learn

RyuCloudStrife3067d ago

From what I know they are used to upgrade your weapons. Other to get more currency from killing certain types of monsters.

DLConspiracy3066d ago

I usually trade them in with the vanguard shop next to the sparrow and spaceship dealer for vanguard points and glimmer.

n4rc3066d ago

Cool.. Didn't know you could do that..

Seem to have plenty of glimmer and materials.. Its the other random points and stuff like cryptarch rank 1 or whatever.. That's stuff I have zero of lol.. Started getting vanguard points lately by doing patrol missions..

Battlefieldlover3066d ago

How? I went there but he dose not give me any option to trade my materials. Just buy the armor and weapons.

Prolly something simple and I'm just slow.

Jdoki3066d ago

I'm keeping hold of all the materials at the moment.

The conversion rate of Materials to Vanguard points is really bad, so I'm going to see if they tweak the conversion ratio or implement other features in future that use the stuff.


You need to trade Spinmetal 50 at a time, so maybe that's why you haven't go the option?

Also, you can trade materials for both Vanguard points and Crucible points depending on the vendor you go to.

--Onilink--3066d ago

higher class/level weapons will require glimmer and these kind of materials for upgrades.

Think for example the green uncommon ones. When you gain exp, you unlock upgrades automatically for the weapons.

In rares, legendaries and exotics, not only do you need the exp to unlock the upgrade, but materials and glimmer to actually "buy" it.


Certain vendors have some items at the very bottom that you can "purchase" using those materials. And thats how you get the points.

I dont recommend it early on though, it doesnt really give many points, it costs a lot of materials and you might need them later for upgrades

iceman063066d ago

For Cryptarch points, you just need to keep using the guy to decrypt your weapons. The more you use him, the higher your level will go, and the more items will open up to decrypt. You can get some pretty decent stuff from him that might take a bit longer to get by waiting for the luck of the draw.

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Jack_Reacher3066d ago

So off topic, but im so sick of people telling me this game is sh*t. Its actually pretty good and requires some work and gringding. Which is probably why people dont like it. Casual gaming has made people want games spoon fed to them.. .(yeah bf4 why does my grenade die with me for no reason again?)

I love the people in this thread helping each other out to get stuff. Its nice to see some teamwork and the like.

I for one think I purchased a good game. To those that agree good luck. Maybe see you in the depths of hell.

ShowGun9013066d ago

cya there! once the haters find something new to rip on, they'll quit trolling destiny articles... this game generated SO much hate is isn't even funny! destinys awesome, deal with it LOL!

monkey nuts3066d ago

Another slightly off topic, but some one mentioned patrols above so I'll take my chances. What's the deal with patrols? I did two yesterday (the first one on earth, twice) completed a load of missions but nothing happened. Each time I went back to orbit the vanguard points I had accrued hadn't saved. What am I doing wrong?

Jdoki3066d ago

I was initially confused by Vanguard points...

This article may help:

I don't think you're doing anything wrong...

Also, things like the spawning of Public Events during Patrols is still fairly vague. Here are some theories I have heard:

Public Events timers reset if there is no one in the zone. (I'm not sure about this one)

Events spawn at set real world times - for example the Devil Walker event in The Divide seems to spawn around the 1 hour and half hour mark of every hour (I am also unsure about this, but it may be a coincidence that in my case the times I have seen this have been roughly in line with this theory)

Players have to be active in the zone (eg. doing side missions) for the event to spawn (not sure, but I have never seen an event spawn when I've just found a safe spot to sit while waiting)

Public Events can spawn both in Story mode and Patrols.

My biggest problem with the Public Events is that no one is ever around when I'm doing them!! I have been the only person in The Divide on two occasions when the Devil Walker spawned - I almost took it down solo at lvl 10, but ran out of time.. If only I had more Purple Ammo!

CaspuR3066d ago

im going to platinum the game but the game is pretty average. i didnt buy this game thinking the game was going to be average, the fact that it had its own ps4 bundle sony obviously didnt think the game was going to be average. the game isnt bad it isnt good its just average. from the story content to the enemies a.i hell even the names of the enemies are all subpar or average.

ion6663066d ago

Damn you're right. Got me thinking of killzone 2 and 3 those games had some cool ai. Miss those days when the campaign was awesome.

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