GaymerX is dead, long live GX3

GX3 founder Matt Conn discusses the re-branding and relaunch of the former LGBTQIA-focused game convention.

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-Foxtrot1497d ago

Jeez...why the hell is this still a thing.

You want equality then you do something like this to separate yourself from others. I didn't know E3, Gamescom or TGS don't allow the LGBT community into the venue.

A gamer is a gamer, what we don't need is more terms like Gay-mer.

Sometimes I hate being part of the LGBT community.

mgszelda11496d ago

I think a lot of ppl just want to feel like they belong. The funny thing is I'm a straight white guy and I hang out and work with a diverse crowd of ppl. So they look for something that accepts them better. But I do agree completely that this is like self segregation.

CorndogBurglar1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

This all day. I'm straight, but i always wondered this same exact thing.

If homosexuals want to be treated equally then they should stop thinking of themselves as different. By putting on conventions like this they are admitting to the world that they are different and should be treated differently.

You don't see conventions coming out and saying, "hey, this is the hetero gaming convention". Why? Because it would be considered descriminatory. So how is something like this not considered the same? How do they not realize they are doing the exact same thing?

Its ridiculous.

Sadie21001497d ago

That acronym is getting pretty long!

LordStig1496d ago

ikr, what does the QIA part stand for?

porkChop1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

"Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, intersex, and asexual"

What I'm wondering is, shouldn't lesbian and gay be the same thing? If the community is all about equality then why do homosexual females and homosexual males need their own gender-specific label? And if you're just questioning/don't know your sexuality then why do you even need a label? I don't get the need to label every single thing if the goal is equality. They need to just come up with a universal name that encompasses everyone in the community because it's hard to take it seriously with a name/label like that.

They could just use Homosexual, Asexual, Bisexual, Intersex, Transgender, and then call the damn thing HABIT so it would be easier to say.

Gbits1497d ago

I'm of mixed feelings on this, but tend to agree with Foxtrot. There are so many other cons and programs that make it very clear they're LGBT-friendly; are we still at a point that folks want a separate convention (rather than efforts to make existing conventions even more friendly, or to seed the appropriate panels)?

annoyedgamer1496d ago


Soon we will need more letters in the alphabet.

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