10 Great Female Video Game Characters

Take a look at PlayStation Enthusiasts top 10 female video game characters.

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DualWielding1496d ago

Aya Brea and Kat should be on the list

Spotie1496d ago

Agree on both counts. Shion from Xenosaga, and her "predecessor" Elly from Xenogears, as well.

Now that I think on it, there are many women that could be included, like any of the main cast of ladies from Valkyria Chronicles.

Wait. All the feminists say there aren't any strong female characters in games. Why, then, did I just find so many in so little time?

vanity291496d ago

Lmao feminist(extremists) would find something wrong with any female character... which if you think about it.. that's like hating on females!!!! I call sexist!!

medman1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

I love me some Ellie. And of course, my girl Liara.